Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Past

A belated Merry Christmas to all XD

Wow, how fast did Christmas zoom past!!?? I love the build up to Christmas, the shopping, planning the Christmas dinner, catching up with dear friends, end of school concerts etc etc. I always feel a little defalted on the actual day, don't get me wrong Christmas morning is the best morning ever, but it's afterwards when the excitement subsides, it's a bit of a downer lol. But saying that I did have a fabulous Christmas this year. My brother and his soon to be wife stayed with us for a week. I forgot how much I miss my own family, it was so nice to have someone who knows me and what I was like as a child close to me. We got out the really old family photo album and sat around looking at pictures from when we were both babies *sniff sniff*. I got along really well with my future sister in law, we like a lot of the same things (she loved my dolls, so that was a bonus!).

Hubby bought me a lati body for my little lami vampire head, so finally she is complete! Still waiting for my vampire lea btw, we are fast approaching the six month mark of waiting. I also got Dragon Quest IX for ds which is why I haven't been around much lol. OMG it is amazing, I haven't felt this excited about an RPG since Final Fantasy VII. I may never see the light of day again!!! LOL. Anyone on my flist playing Dragon Quest IX?

So, how was your Christmas? Was Santa good to you? :o)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tick tick tick

It's not even the end of this year and already my mind is ticking away with doll/hobby plans for next year.

Number 1 cardinal rule for doll hobby next year is no impulse purchases!!!!! I am so bad for this, I get bored, browse the marketplace and before you know it I am buying a $1000 doll I had no intention of buying! I have to learn that it is ok to fall in love with dolls and to appreciate their beauty, I just don't have to buy the damn doll as well. This will be my mantra, no impulse buys no impulse buys no impulse buys!!!

Make the most of what I already have. I have some really wonderful dolls, I really do. Seems everybody else realises this except me. I have to make the most of them, treat them all like new dolls every time I decide to play. The whole reason I got into bjds was because one doll could have a million different looks, seems mine get stuck with the same old look and that's it. I would also like to get some dolls new face ups (Kurumi, Lin, Lishe) and really make them my own.

Pipos *sigh* I love those little anthos so much! I am going to be patient and hold out for them to do their 2011 release of Cheese Mouse, and maybe buy a Curo and basic Cheshire (white or grey or both ;D) sometime next year as well. Still hoping to find the limited star, shy, joky and moody cheshires on the secondary marketplace.

Two new (not new as in new, but not secondhand) dolls that I would love to buy but probably shouldn't and can't afford anyway are Leekeworld Carey and Soom Asil. I also love Volks Lieselotte but she always seems to sell for such a high price, like $1300 or more and I must have had a reality check or something because I just cannot justify spending that on a doll anymore. I think of how many light fittings, or curtains I could buy with that money instead. My god, does that mean I have "grown up" eeek! scary!

I'd love to buy a Re-ment fridge and maybe a little cupboard next year. I have my kitchen and table set now and I'd really like to make a little room set up in the expedit. I must, if it's the last thing I ever do - build my mothers old Victorian dollhouse next year!!!! Taryn, are you up for some woodwork? LOL. I've been putting it off, and putting it off. It just seems so daunting, like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Maybe it's also because mum isn't here to see it makes me not want to do it, I don't know. I do know that when it is done though, it will be beautiful and would look great in my front sitting room :o)

I'd still like to do a bit more card making and try my hand at digital scrapbooking. Finally get something done with the poor third child's baby photos, that have hardly been printed off from the computer. Also I want to make a gigantic family photo wall all down my passage way. I saw this at a friends place and it looked amazing!

Sewing wise, well I'm not much of a seamstress as we know lol. But I bought a pattern for a cat quilt that I plan to use as a wall hanging, so I am going to make a start on that next year. It may well take me all year to finish it lol.

Argh it feels good to get all those thoughts written down. I feel like I have a plan now, I like boundaries lol.

So what are your doll plans for next year?

Tis the seaon

We are officially on school holidays here in our household!! This is both good and bad, good because I love not having to race around like a headless chook in the mornings and I love being home. Bad because having three children running around the house soon becomes quite a messy affair and I am constantly picking up stuff. But other than that I am happy, I love not having to go out of the house everyday. I'm such a homebody, I like nothing better than knowing I can stay home all day :D

My Christmas shopping is pretty much all done, just a couple of little bits to buy (my brother & his girlfriend), kids are all sorted thank goodness. I haven't wrapped anything yet though, must have a look to see what wrapping I have and may need to buy more.

Food wise, so far the only Christmas food I've bought is little plum puddings. I am going to cook a more traditional lunch this year. Usually it's seafood all the way, which I love, but I think we are all getting a bit tired of it. So this year it will be roast pork, maybe a small turkey or large chicken and roast vegies, that sort of thing. All done in the bbq outside so we don't heat up the house more than necessary seeing as it will probably be about 35 degrees outside lol (if not more). I always remember one of our first Christmases in Australia and my mum had made a huge traditional roast dinner, in our non air conditioned house and she had an elaborate candle centre piece that melted before she even lit it because it was so stinking hot in our house.

My brother and his girlfriend arrive on the 20th, still have to make the media room into a bedroom which will be a challenge as hubby uses it as a study and he lives like a crazy hoarder with piles of paperwork everywhere, grrrrrrrr! Should be an interesting Christmas, have never met my brothers girlfriend and she is quite a bit younger than me (and he is quite a bit older than me, do the maths). Brets dad is coming for Christmas day and his mum for Boxing day. Ah dysfunctional families, don't ya just love them! If I could wish for anything in the world it would be to have a normal family, where my mum and dad are still alive and together, and Bret's parents are still together (and happy of course). To have a Christmas day where the whole family come together and celebrates happily toogether. I think if you are one of these people that actually have that at your Christmas then you are incredibly blessed, and really should take a moment to appreciate it. Of course I am thankful for my own beautiful family, just wish my kids had their maternal grandparents to share it with them more than anything.

So how are your Christmas plans coming along? Shopping all done? Presents all wrapped?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time for tea?

First Re-ment pics :o) I cannot tell you how much tiny cakes make me go squee lol...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catching up on my posts from my lj, sorry for the long string of posts ^^

Doll Musings....

Why do people have to say "they are not bonding with a doll", why can't they just say "they don't like them".

I received my Doll Hearts red queen outfit today. It's magnificent. I must dress up one  of the dolls and take pics.

Not really feeling it for the dolly dolls (dolls that look like people I mean, anthros have stolen my heart for some strange reason lol) at present. Haven't taken any photos of them for a long time. I bought some re-ment for my Pipos critters, so hoping that will inspire me. I am going to try and set up a little kitchen, this has been a dream for a long time. I found a kitchen sink/oven set on ebay and a table and chairs etc. I spent a small fortune on food sets, I just can't resist  little cartons of milk and cereal bowls etc etc etc.

Wondering if my Latidoll vampire Lea will ever ship, I ordered her back in July! I also ordered a body for my Lami head (that is my Christmas present from hubby and the kids :D). Maybe  they will be here for next Christmas :o(

I have one doll left to sell and then I'm done! Thank God, it's been a long hard slog! I officially hate selling dolls. It never used to be this hard, people are rude, always bartering the price, it's not good for the stress levels.

Have I just been Soomed?

How could I not know about this little sweetheart!!

Soom Asil

Luckily you can still buy her as a head and get a body separate. Now if, just if, I were to go down the very addictive Soom road, should I get normal or white skin? I have no clue as to what their skin types are actually like. So Soom people, I could use your help :o)
I am totally in love with a show at the moment called Kirstie's Homemade Home. It's an English show and the series I'm currently watching is the third season. The first season was all about decorating a gorgeous little cottage called Meadow Gate, the second was a Christmas special.

This season she is helping other people decorate their own homes with hand made crafts, and old restored furniture and antiques. She is pushing the message that just because it's old doesn't mean you have to chuck it out, and that there is so much lovely old furniture out there besides flat pack furniture that we all buy these days. One thing she said in last nights show was how we all have lovely collections of things packed away and we should bring them out on display, and let our homes speak out about what sort of people live there. This really struck a cord with me. I love seeing houses where everything is just so, vases of twiggy arrangements, special ornaments on display. But some houses don't look lived in, there might be nice decorations but it doesn't let you in on who actually lives there. Sometimes when I look through magazines I feel deflated because I think gee I wish my house looked so perfect but hearing what was said on this show made me feel better about my house. Ok, it's an eclectic mix of old and new, overloaded with trinkets, books and random collections of things but it is who we are, and that's ok.

Another thing they were talking about on the show was rag & bone men, who used to go around with a horse drawn cart collecting peoples junk. But of course back in the old days junk was few and far between because nobody threw anything away because they didn't have the money to buy new things. One old lady was saying how she remembered that in war times if you had a knitted jumper that didn't fit or was in need of repair they would unpick the whole thing and make it into something else. I mean who would do that these days? Times have changed so much, and not necessarily for the better.

So I'm on a bit of a mission now to hunt for more old bit's and pieces, things with character, things with a past. [info]aussiedolls  I need you to come antique shopping with me!

A couple of months ago I did my first sort of furniture restoration. I wanted an old chair for the doll room. So I found this little Victorian bedroom chair on ebay. I cleaned it up and gave it that shabby look with some paint and recovered the seat. It's not the comfiest chair in the house but I do love it and it fits in the doll room perfectly. Plus I had the satisfaction of doing it myself and giving it a new lease on life :o)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Have some Hipstamatic!

Totally addicted to the Hipstamatic 180 app on my iPhone :D If you have an iPhone you should get this app it is so much fun and it actually makes iPhone pics look so much better!

Need to make some more ATC's so I can start trading again because I am seeing some gorgeous works of art on flickr.

Sold a few more dolls! Yee haa!!! I may have money spare to buy a new Pipos sleepy Baha or Ringo :D I'm still on a Pipos bender and I'm still waitng for my little Bingo to arrive. I really hope she is here this week, might have to message the seller to see if they have a tracking number though I have a feeling they sent it regular post not ems *sigh*.

Bought, or should I say ordered because I think it was a pre order, Dollheart's beautiful Queen of Hearts outfit. It is so scrumptious! I LOVE it and so will my wake up Goldie :D The Alice in Wonderland theme is sure taking over the doll room lol, ah I love it :D Can never have too much Alice in my opinion ;o)

S'all for now :D

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Clutter Quiz

In my search of housework related sites (besides the weird man servant fetish ones lol) I came across a site that deals with clutter and ways of reducing it. It did have quite a few useful tips which I will try to include into my daily routine. But the one thing that stopped me in my tracks was a clutter quiz. Of course being the cluttered quiz loving freak that I am I took the quiz and this was the profound answer I got.

You are using possessions to reinforce your sense of self

Holy crapola how true is that!!!!

I need to purge everything!!!!!!!! Yard sale! Yard sale!!!!

But seriously, it really is true and really sad. I have been like this most of my life, I don't know why I think that new shiny things will make me a more complete person, or a better person but I do. If my house and everything in it were to burn down to the ground tomorrow I wouldn't be able to cope, I don't know what I'd do without all my stuff and that is such a shallow way to live and it makes me feel sick. The dolls, the ornaments, the trinkets they are all just stuff, but they are me :o(

Dig out ya pinnys boys!!

I am always frustrated with housework, as I'm sure most of you are. I don't mind doing it, I actually enjoy cleaning but I just wish it would stay clean lol. So I'm often looking for housework type articles on the net, I like finding useful little tips and new ways of doing things etc. So I thought I'll have a look on flickr, I've never searched for anything housework related on there. Well oh my Lordy LOL. I found a group for maid/servents, ok I thought this sort of sounds what I am looking for they might have lot's of useful advice. ROFLMAO!! Why did no one tell me there are husbands out there that like to dress up as maids and do housework to serve and please their wives!!!!!! There was even one guy on there saying how he tried to do this for his wife and she didn't like it, 'she wanted a real man' LOL. I know I shouldn't laugh, and it takes all sorts etc, but this was too funny not to share...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

More complaining, yeah I'm a crotchety old fart!

I'm trying to sort of the doll/craft room yet again. I love paper crafts but storing all the bit's & pieces that goes with it is an ongoing battle. Today I have bought another plastic trolley to store 12x12" papers in. It fit's neatly under the desk which is a great space saver. I never seem to have enough desk space when I'm working. I like to spread out, with stamps, ink and paper everywhere lol.

I was looking on the Kaisercraft website (my fave cardmaking site at the mo) and they have a huge section on digital scrapbooking. OMG this is the perfect solution!! It combines my love of playing on the computer and scrapbooking!! What more could I ask for lol and no more paper everywhere, perfect! I would still print out the pages and out them in albums, but wow, what a time saver and mess saver :D

I'm still loving ATC's but all I ever seem to do is give them away! I know that is the whole idea but when I think of some that I have received in trade for mine, well, I hate to say it, I'm kinda disappointed. This is Swap-bot I'm talking about btw. Some people seem to thinking slapping a premade sticker on a card is art, err, sorry but not me. I put my heart and soul into my little 3 1/2" creations. So my Swap-bot days are over I'm afraid. I'll just trade within the ATC Flickr group and make more for myself and friends.

I feel bad about bitching in my previous post, I even thought about deleting it but then I thought hell this is my own journal I'm gonna say what I feel.
Thanks for those of you that dared to comment lol. Btw where is everyone lately? Have I become that boring and whiney that no one visits anymore?

I leave you with a pic of Boo kitty getting into the Halloween spirit...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blah blah blah

Quick recap of the week that was.

It's been quite a busy week. Running around after kids, catching up with friends etc. Today is the first day I'm at home all day, I do not plan on going out anywhere! I'm behind in housework and I need to catch up, boring I know but it keeps me sane.

On doll sale news.I have now sold Volks Sara, Volks Yukino and CP Miyu. All on layaway but at least they have sold to people that want them. Just have to find homes for Volks MSD F-16, SD F-08 & CP Soo head and we are done and dusted. Anyone interested in Volks Kaelin let me know I might let him go too.

Bought a Pipos Bingo (limited) from DoA last week, hoping he has been shipped and I will see her next week. Some peoples communication skill leave a lot to be desired that is for sure.

This was a pm I received from a DoA member this week asking about my Volks Yukino:

"I was planning on ordering a new Yukino from Volks and I saw your ad.
I would consider buying from you if you could reduce the price and include shipping.
Please let me know what your best price would be."

Ok so that is not too bad, but I had her at $400 with two sets of extra hands, eyes and a wig which I though was a reasonable price. So I explain that I can meet them half way and include shipping in the price of $400 but I could not reduce the price further as shipping would cost me $50 to ship from Australia to the US so I was already losing money. This was the reply:

'Your price is not enough of an incentive for me to buy a used doll. I can buy a brand new one at Volks USA for 418 at the volks usa and since they are within the us the shipping will be low.

Do you include the default wig, box certificate etc?

Is there any staining at all or any other damage?

I will wait to hear from you before I order with Volks USA.

Thanks "

So buy from fucking Volks you asshole!! That is what I felt like saying.

This is what I sent back:


I'm sorry she has now been sold. I'm sure it will work out much cheaper for you to buy her directly from Volks.
Finally, I think you might want to think about how you approach people, I find your manner very rude. It's fine you may not think the price someone sells a doll for is low enough for you to warrant buying it, how you say that to a person is another matter.

I was absolutely fuming when I wrote that, I had to really restrain myself for not going right off at her but I didn't want to stoop to her level. Luckily someone else had pm'd me about a layaway, they were happy with the price, they were polite. So on layaway she is. I'm sorry I've had it with DoA, I really have. No that's not fair, it's not DoA it's some of the members on there, they are so rude!! I can't stand it when people send a pm without a hello, just straight into whatever they want to ask and they don't even say thank you. And don't even get me started if they attempt to communicate with me with text/sms style writing!!!! I feel myself going more and more off dolls at the moment, this kinda thing just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I am now pleasently numb thanks to 3/4 of a glass of wine. Ah thank you Brown Brothers..


For the last week or so we have had a beautiful green parrot (28 for Aussies, you'll know what I mean) come to our bird feeder hanging in the front garden. The kids named him Minty. I gave him Cheerios in the bird feeder as a treat, he loved them.

One of my cats just killed him.... I buried him in the garden. I'm heartbroken. I'm drinking wine (something I rarely do). I've locked the cat in the laundry and might not ever let him out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Foto Fixer

Has anyone had any success using Foto Fixer? I've tried repeatedly using it today and I keep getting an error message.

Been playing around with the Shabby Blog website, trying to put together a new look for this blog. Everything I try looks like crap. I'm having such a shit day today. One of those days when you wish you could just run away from it all. Anyone out there reading this thinking of having kids, take it from me it's over rated :o( All they do is drive you insane and suck the life out of you! *sigh*

I might just go to bed so I don't have to be conscious *cries*

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gotta Look on the Bright Side

Well looks like I have lost my hard drive from my netbook. Photos, files, the lot. By the looks of it I hadn't backed up since the end of last year. That means a good 9 to 10 months of files gone. Lucky I save a lot of my good photos to my flickr, but random family shots I don't :-( I used a program to scan my SD card from my camera just incase it could find something and it has, not everything but a few things that weren't saved to the external hard drive from last year.

So the next few days I will be doing a lot of sorting out, reorganising folders, doing another major back up. This has been a good, all be it very hard lesson to learn. I need to back up at least every month and print out all my family photos and save them to disc.

I'll have to go back to etsy and buy some more digital downloads as I lost all those too. Sophie's 3rd birthday pics, Scruffy's pics from when he first arrived, Chloe's first day of kindy pics all gone. They are the ones I'm really sad about and it really is all my fault for not backing up. But I am trying to be positive, I could have lost absolutely everything if I hadn't back up late last year. Oh well, one way to have a digital clear out I guess, lol.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Posting from iPhone again. Netbook crapped itself again after running a program called Recuva trying to find all my missing files :)
I woke up this morning to the sound of my neck cracking and now I have a pinched nerve and can only turn my head to the right. I feel like Herman munster!
Gee can life get any better?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Computer Update

PC is fried :o( Will need a rebuild. But we think the data is ok *woot*

Little netbook had to be rebooted with the recovery disc. It is working again BUT I have lost everything, the recovery disc wiped my computer clean, all gone! *cries*

I did a back up to an external hard drive about four months ago, so I'll have some stuff. Hoping to be able to find a recovery program on the net to find my files (if they are there to be found, just hiding), fingers crossed on this one!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh crap!

I have managed to blow up my pc and my netbook in one go thanks to a power surge or some freak of nature unexplainable thing! Crap crap crap!!!!! Thank god for iPhone! But I am so pissed I cannot access all my pictures and files. Darling hubby is going to have a look at the netbook tonight and hopefully he will be able to recover the data. PC smelled like it was on fire and was throwing out blue sparks :( hubby thinks it's the power supply, I hope my motherboard is ok :( *cries*



Halloween Lati Yellows!!!!!!!!!! *dies*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pipos Pipos PIPOS!

Damn I didn't win the Cheese Mouse off Y!J. It went for a lot higher than I thought it would *sigh*. Oh well.

I wonder what Pipos will bring out as their next limiteds? I guess it will be Christmas event time soon with a lot of companies too.

My Minty cheshire has shipped! Eeep! Looking forward to having a cheshire in the house. I think I am going to call her Grizabella, my glamour cat <3

Oh well this aint getting the cleaning done.....

Toodle pip(os) ;D

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Not much to say but I couldn't miss posting on the 10/10/10 :o)

I feel a bit icky and a bit hermity today. I hope it passes quickly I don't like feeling like this. Thinking maybe some medicinal chocolate might be in order.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cross Posting

Incase you might have noticed I'm cross posting from LJ :o)

I am using which I had never heard of before until I started looking around on how to post in more than one blog at the same time. So far it's excellent, and saves time and I get to keep in touch with all my online friends with one easy click of a button :o)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Huge Doll Sale!!

I really need to rehome these beauties. If you see anything you like shoot me a pm. I am happy to do layaway, just ask :o)

From top left too bottom right - Luts Soo Head $120USD
Luts Miyu $400USD
Volks DD Yukino $400USD
Volks SD10 Sara $750
Volks MSD F-16 $400USD
Volks SD10 F-08 $900USD

Click on the links to DoA thread for details :o)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Anthro Love

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Pipos dolls, lol.

I am so in love with them!

They are so charming, a little bit different, a bit quirky.

I'm thinking of a setting up a make believe rescue home for Pipos critters lol. "Quirky Critters Rescue Home" maybe? Or "Scary Claws Pet Rescue" ?

Pipos shopping/wish list:

Grey Dali
White Dali
White Star Cheshire
Grey Star Cheshire
White Cheshire
Grey Cheshire
Cheese Mouse

Joky, Moody, Shy Cheshires
Star Cheshires
Clock Rabbit Dali
March Rabbit Dali
Maid Loly Ringo
Jam Mouse
Cheese Mouse

Gosh, I need to win lotto for all that lot!!! I can dream :o)

I seem to be quite taken with critters at the moment. I'm not sure why either. The shift away from dolls (dolls that look like people) has happened a bit. I could never get what all the fuss was about anthros before but now I love them, well Pipos ones anyway.

I've also just found darling little unicorns at Doll Factory. I really like the little white one with pink blushing. The purple one is also adorable.

Sylvanian Families are on my mind a lot too, since dear kittytoes wet my whistle for them with her link to the sylvanian gypsy caravan. I've always loved dollhouses and I'm seriously thinking of buying Sylvanian Families Willow Hall. It sounds a bit lazy but I like the idea of just buying a house that is already done, just buy the furniture sets you want and bung it in there, the lighting is done, just set it up and have fun. I just don't have the time to fiddle and fart around with a dollhouse from scratch, which is what I would be doing with the big one that is yet to be built (the one from my mum). And I know SF are probably not the most detailed of dollhouse stuff but I like it damn it, who cares what others think, lol. Oh and of course I'd need critters to put in there hehe. Badger family for the caravan. Maybe a rabbit and squirrel family for Willow Hall :o) Eeep I get so excited just thinking about it!! I'm such a big kid!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gypsy Love

Can't get gypsy caravans out of my head. If I can't have a big one maybe I could have a doll sized one lol. I have no idea how to work with wood, what am I thinking?

I remember when I was little living in England I was always really frightened of the gypsies and I think this was fueled by a very superstitious grandmother and mother. When the gypsies knocked on your door selling their wares you had to buy something otherwise they would put a curse on you lol. I remember they were always very dirty looking and they used to sleep under their caravans not in them even in the middle of freezing cold North England winters. They had dogs called Lurchers, I think they are a mix between greyhounds and other types of dogs, my aunty used to have one. Looking back now I can see they weren't scary, they just lived a different lifestyle to us.

Getting back to the caravans I just love the colours and the decoration. They look so happy and whimsical. And don't we all need a bit of whimsy in our lives :o)

I leave you with your daily dose of whimsy <3

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Gosh is it really Sunday already!? I lose track of time when we are on school holidays (which we are on now btw). So far it has been a really nice relaxing break. We've been to the movies, had friends over for a tea party and today we are supposed to be going out to the Kalamunda markets (if we can get our butts into gear that is).

My current obsession is Gypsy caravans. I saw one on ebay and it just melted my heart. Her name is Esmeralda, how gorgeous is that!!! Why is it if you name a car, or any sort of vehicle it takes on a whole personality and life of it's own, I just love that <3 Anyway back to Esmeralda, she is in the UK (of course) so there is no way I will be buying her, but have a look, she is beautiful.

I am trying to talk hubby into building a 1/2 scale one that the kids could play in as a cubby :o) I'd love a full size one in the garden if we had a bigger property. I think it would be nice to hang out in there,drink tea and read tarot cards lol.

Other obsessions...Pipos cheshires! As you know I put a Dark Cheshire on layaway with Piposland. Also on DoA I had an angel of a member pm me to pass on a link for a Minty cheshire on YJ. Low and behold I won her!!! I didn't want to say anything until I knew for certain I had won her and everything was ok. She is full set and in perfect condition. I am absolutely ecstatic!!! Hoping she will be here in a couple of weeks if not sooner. Hopefully some of my bit's on DoA will sell and I can pay off my little Dark cheshire too.

Another obsession at the moment is Etsy. I could spend hours on there (and do) just browsing around. I found two really wonderful artists on there that I love, The Snippets and Chicken Lips. They both make the most charming, whimsical sculptures that I have ever seen!! I'm always blown away by the amount of talented people on Etsy. There are so many crazily artistic people in this world that go unnoticed it just doesn't seem right.

Still obsessed with cuckoo clocks, can't seem to find one at a good price and also one that isn't too pretty to paint over. I did see Kaiser craft are releasing a chipboard cuckoo clock like this:

Maybe using one of those might be the way to go, though I still would like an actual cuckoo to pop out.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm back!

After a long time away I'm back :o) Well I haven't been totally gone, just over at lj but a few people I love on flickr are over here on blogger so I thought I would reactivate my old blog so I can follow their blogs here :o)

I will still continue to post at lj though, maybe I can figure a way for it to be streamed here too. Have to do some homework into that.