Saturday, October 30, 2010

More complaining, yeah I'm a crotchety old fart!

I'm trying to sort of the doll/craft room yet again. I love paper crafts but storing all the bit's & pieces that goes with it is an ongoing battle. Today I have bought another plastic trolley to store 12x12" papers in. It fit's neatly under the desk which is a great space saver. I never seem to have enough desk space when I'm working. I like to spread out, with stamps, ink and paper everywhere lol.

I was looking on the Kaisercraft website (my fave cardmaking site at the mo) and they have a huge section on digital scrapbooking. OMG this is the perfect solution!! It combines my love of playing on the computer and scrapbooking!! What more could I ask for lol and no more paper everywhere, perfect! I would still print out the pages and out them in albums, but wow, what a time saver and mess saver :D

I'm still loving ATC's but all I ever seem to do is give them away! I know that is the whole idea but when I think of some that I have received in trade for mine, well, I hate to say it, I'm kinda disappointed. This is Swap-bot I'm talking about btw. Some people seem to thinking slapping a premade sticker on a card is art, err, sorry but not me. I put my heart and soul into my little 3 1/2" creations. So my Swap-bot days are over I'm afraid. I'll just trade within the ATC Flickr group and make more for myself and friends.

I feel bad about bitching in my previous post, I even thought about deleting it but then I thought hell this is my own journal I'm gonna say what I feel.
Thanks for those of you that dared to comment lol. Btw where is everyone lately? Have I become that boring and whiney that no one visits anymore?

I leave you with a pic of Boo kitty getting into the Halloween spirit...

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