Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Have some Hipstamatic!

Totally addicted to the Hipstamatic 180 app on my iPhone :D If you have an iPhone you should get this app it is so much fun and it actually makes iPhone pics look so much better!

Need to make some more ATC's so I can start trading again because I am seeing some gorgeous works of art on flickr.

Sold a few more dolls! Yee haa!!! I may have money spare to buy a new Pipos sleepy Baha or Ringo :D I'm still on a Pipos bender and I'm still waitng for my little Bingo to arrive. I really hope she is here this week, might have to message the seller to see if they have a tracking number though I have a feeling they sent it regular post not ems *sigh*.

Bought, or should I say ordered because I think it was a pre order, Dollheart's beautiful Queen of Hearts outfit. It is so scrumptious! I LOVE it and so will my wake up Goldie :D The Alice in Wonderland theme is sure taking over the doll room lol, ah I love it :D Can never have too much Alice in my opinion ;o)

S'all for now :D


  1. I really like your blog, I always visit it whenever I had time, I really like your posts especially those about dolls and I hope to see more from your blog, so excited to read your future posts.

    Anyway, I found this website http://www.ThatsMyFace.com/f/custom_doll_head that can create a super-realistic doll heads of anyone from just a photo. Imagine making doll of yourself, your kids, your boss or your favorite celebrity!

    Apparently they can make the heads in many scales to fit Barbie-like dolls, Tonner dolls or even smaller figurines like Polly Pocket.

    Anyway, thought it might be interesting to your readers.
    Best regards,
    ….here is the link for the pic: http://www.thatsmyface.com/tmp/ThatsMyFace_doll_heads_s.jpg

  2. Awww thanks for stopping by Mary :o) Thanks for the link too, how weird would that be to have a doll that looks exactly like yourself lol :D

  3. Hi there! Wanted to come by & thank you for your visit & comment & I took a few minutes to read through your blog. WOW! That is one beautiful Marie doll...I don't usually have a thing for dolls but she's incredible! Now doll parts are a different story! Us Texans have a thing for doll parts...heads, arms legs...just parts...don't ask me why. I plan on someday using the parts to make altered doll art but so far they just sit around, creeping the grandkids out.

    I empathized w/ you over the rude buyer & laughed out loud over you saying that "having kids was over-rated" *grins* I often say that the best thing about having kids is that they give you grandkids, so hang in there! ;)