Monday, September 3, 2007

Unoa Sist Assembly ~ Stage 2 & 3

Yay! I got my Unoa Sist put together today. Nice warm weather, perfect for coating with MSC. All strung up today. It wasn't too hard either, no translation necessary!

Lot's of pics because I wanted to show all aspects of her creation :o) The first lot show when I sprayed her. We had a little body shop going on in the laundry.

The second lot of pics show the stringing together. All systems go, everything laid out and ready for assembly.

Almost done. The final thing to do is to pop the little back piece in and of course the face plate on.

Ta daaa!

And here she is..... Say hello to Keiko :o)

All she needs now is a face up, which is being done in November by Shuui.

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