Monday, April 9, 2012

Sorry, I haven't posted here in a while. I'm still over at LJ although nearly everyone has left for some reason or another. I wish I could find a blog place that is friendly and chatty and full of life. I love Blogger but it's so quiet, I have people who supposedly 'follow' me but rarely does anyone leave a comment. Speaking of comments on here, it's hard to reply to comments and get notifications etc. LJ is good for that I'll give it that. But LJ is dying a slow, painful death. Ah what to do!? Flickr in a way has become a kind of blog for me. It has a wonderful community feel. It covers all my favorite things in one place, dolls as in bjd, dolls as in fashion dolls, re-ment and miniatures, ATC's and crafty things. I do like to ramble though and get my thoughts and feelings out and you can't always do that by sharing one pic. So I will keep plodding along here and LJ....for now :o) So enough drivel, what's been happening in my dolly universe you ask? Well I have recently sold a few dolls, well three lol but it has given me some much needed funds to play around with. I've bought a Limhwa To You Mari, a Wake Up Momoko and a Lati Haru. Yay for new dollies!! I still need to buy them all clothes, shoes and wigs the only down side of buying different doll sizes. I love the Limhwa I've always wanted one, she is so delicate and well proportioned. I think I'd like to send her off for a new face up, it's a bit clunky looking and could be a lot finer and her eyelashes are like black furry caterpillars lol. I can't wait until her wig and dress arrive then I can take some photos of her, she is so tiny! Momoko is in the mail. I bought her after I started looking for clothes for my Limhwa (they can share clothes - win win!). I didn't want to spend a fortune on a Momoko so that's why I bought a wake up version, this means she will be simply dressed in pj type clothes and she is a bit more plain looking than the special release ones. She is still cute as though, and I really want her to dress up and play with with. I love Momoko shoes! They are so detailed and well made. I might have to go and hunt for some Barbie fashionista clothes for her too, these fit ok, a tad big but if I choose carefully it good be quite good. Lati Haru *sigh* I seriously can't wait until this little sweetie arrives! I was torn between Bayer and Haru, then I saw a tan Haru and I was slayed! But as with any tan Latis they cost the earth on the secondary market (note to self buy a tan Haru and Bayer next time Lati release them). So I started looking for a normal skinned Haru on DoA and Flickr and everywhere else I could think of. Found one on DoA, messaged the seller and heard nothing. Then got up yesterday morning look on Flickr and one of the newest pics on there was a little lati, obviously for sale the way it was posed with its certificate etc, but could it possibly be one I wanted, let alone a Haru? OMG it was!!!! To top it off it was brand new, normal skin, no face up (perfect as I plan to send it off to get faced up) and it was being sold by a lovely lady I have bought from before. It couldn't be any more meant to be, could it! XD So I quickly emailed and paid and she is mine! I'm really, really happy! Can you tell? ;o)I can't wait to buy clothes and little wigs and pretty eyes! I messaged the lovely Nomyens about getting a face up and she replied straight away, so as soon as Haru arrives she will be sent off again. I need to think of a name for Haru and Limhwa. Momoko will probably be Erica after my sister in law, because she looks exactly like her (the hair especially). I was thinking off calling Haru Easter because I found and bought her on Easter Sunday, not sure, but I'm going to have fun deciding :o)