Sunday, December 31, 2006

More Angelique


NAME: Angelique
NAME MEANING: Messenger Of God
BIRTHDAY: 5th June
TYPE: Cerberus Project Lishe
SKIN: Beauty White
AESTHETICS: Luts Default Faceup
EYES: 18mm Acrylic Aquamarine
WIG: Cancan R52A Black
CLOTHING: Vitta-Vera
SHOES: Luts Lace Up Boots - Shiny Black

Angelique was my third bjd and again was a doll I wasn't planning on buying. She was on sale on eBay and she took my breath away with her beauty. I had always liked the Lishe sculpt, but never thought I would end up with one so soon. I did have plans for a fiery red headed Lishe with normal skin tone and green eyes. Who knows I may still get her one day.

Here are some pics of her arrival which was back in June 2006.

As you can see she was pure loveliness straight out of the box!

Saturday, December 30, 2006


NAME: Freya
NAME MEANING: Goddess Of Love, Fertility And Beauty
TYPE: Cerberus Project Dark Elf Soo
SKIN: Beauty White
AESTHETICS: Luts Default Faceup
EYES: 18mm Souldoll Pale Pink
WIG: Luts DW-12 Pearl White
CLOTHING: Moggies Toyshop
SHOES: Luts Pretty Candies - Shiny Black

Freya came to us quite unexpectedly. I really had no intention of buying another doll so soon after Lulu. Then one day I was looking through the Marketplace on DOA and there she was. I fell in love with her instantly.

She wasn't what I would normally go for in dolls - the white hair and pink eyes! She was wearing a darker pink pair of ED eyes when I first saw her and when I bought her the eyes had already sold to someone else. So me being the perfectionist that I am, I had to track down a pair of ED eyes exactly like what she first had. I got them eventually, it took about three months on a group order. But I never put them in Freya (Lulu has them in at the moment) I really love her with pale pink eyes.

I thought I would post the pics of Freya's arrival here because I didn't have a blog when she arrived. It was such an exciting day, she was even more beautiful than on the pictures I had seen of her. Although I don't really have a favorite girl out of all my dolls because I go through phases of liking one more than the other. Freya does hold a special place in my heart, she has a very ethereal quality to her. I'm always on the look out for a flowy, elfin type of outfit for her even though she usually wears quite Gothicy (is that even a real word?? lol) type clothes I think she would look better in something more fantasy inspired to compliment her elfin look.

Friday, December 29, 2006


NAME: Lulu
NAME MEANING: Famous Warrior
BIRTHDAY: 10th April
TYPE: Cerberus Project Soony
SKIN: Normal
ESTHETICS: Luts Default Faceup , Teeth Painted, French Manicure and Body Blushing by me.
EYES: 20mm German Glass Grey
WIG: Luts DW-66 Gradation Wine
LINGERIE: Beachgirlnikita
SHOES: Luts Mary Janes Black

Lulu was my first bjd, my first born I guess you could say :o) I just love the Soony head mold, she looks so life like.
I ordered her in Feburay 2006 direct from Luts and she arrived early April. I was too excited to take photos when she first arrived. Here are a couple of pics of her when I had got her out of the box.

Isn't she a darling!

Welcome :o)

Welcome to my new blog that will be totally devoted to my beloved BJD's. I did have a few pics and stuff to do with my dolls on my everyday blog, but I have decided to tidy things up a bit and keep the dolly's separate.
More to come soon :o)