Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catching up on my posts from my lj, sorry for the long string of posts ^^

Doll Musings....

Why do people have to say "they are not bonding with a doll", why can't they just say "they don't like them".

I received my Doll Hearts red queen outfit today. It's magnificent. I must dress up one  of the dolls and take pics.

Not really feeling it for the dolly dolls (dolls that look like people I mean, anthros have stolen my heart for some strange reason lol) at present. Haven't taken any photos of them for a long time. I bought some re-ment for my Pipos critters, so hoping that will inspire me. I am going to try and set up a little kitchen, this has been a dream for a long time. I found a kitchen sink/oven set on ebay and a table and chairs etc. I spent a small fortune on food sets, I just can't resist  little cartons of milk and cereal bowls etc etc etc.

Wondering if my Latidoll vampire Lea will ever ship, I ordered her back in July! I also ordered a body for my Lami head (that is my Christmas present from hubby and the kids :D). Maybe  they will be here for next Christmas :o(

I have one doll left to sell and then I'm done! Thank God, it's been a long hard slog! I officially hate selling dolls. It never used to be this hard, people are rude, always bartering the price, it's not good for the stress levels.

Have I just been Soomed?

How could I not know about this little sweetheart!!

Soom Asil

Luckily you can still buy her as a head and get a body separate. Now if, just if, I were to go down the very addictive Soom road, should I get normal or white skin? I have no clue as to what their skin types are actually like. So Soom people, I could use your help :o)
I am totally in love with a show at the moment called Kirstie's Homemade Home. It's an English show and the series I'm currently watching is the third season. The first season was all about decorating a gorgeous little cottage called Meadow Gate, the second was a Christmas special.

This season she is helping other people decorate their own homes with hand made crafts, and old restored furniture and antiques. She is pushing the message that just because it's old doesn't mean you have to chuck it out, and that there is so much lovely old furniture out there besides flat pack furniture that we all buy these days. One thing she said in last nights show was how we all have lovely collections of things packed away and we should bring them out on display, and let our homes speak out about what sort of people live there. This really struck a cord with me. I love seeing houses where everything is just so, vases of twiggy arrangements, special ornaments on display. But some houses don't look lived in, there might be nice decorations but it doesn't let you in on who actually lives there. Sometimes when I look through magazines I feel deflated because I think gee I wish my house looked so perfect but hearing what was said on this show made me feel better about my house. Ok, it's an eclectic mix of old and new, overloaded with trinkets, books and random collections of things but it is who we are, and that's ok.

Another thing they were talking about on the show was rag & bone men, who used to go around with a horse drawn cart collecting peoples junk. But of course back in the old days junk was few and far between because nobody threw anything away because they didn't have the money to buy new things. One old lady was saying how she remembered that in war times if you had a knitted jumper that didn't fit or was in need of repair they would unpick the whole thing and make it into something else. I mean who would do that these days? Times have changed so much, and not necessarily for the better.

So I'm on a bit of a mission now to hunt for more old bit's and pieces, things with character, things with a past. [info]aussiedolls  I need you to come antique shopping with me!

A couple of months ago I did my first sort of furniture restoration. I wanted an old chair for the doll room. So I found this little Victorian bedroom chair on ebay. I cleaned it up and gave it that shabby look with some paint and recovered the seat. It's not the comfiest chair in the house but I do love it and it fits in the doll room perfectly. Plus I had the satisfaction of doing it myself and giving it a new lease on life :o)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Have some Hipstamatic!

Totally addicted to the Hipstamatic 180 app on my iPhone :D If you have an iPhone you should get this app it is so much fun and it actually makes iPhone pics look so much better!

Need to make some more ATC's so I can start trading again because I am seeing some gorgeous works of art on flickr.

Sold a few more dolls! Yee haa!!! I may have money spare to buy a new Pipos sleepy Baha or Ringo :D I'm still on a Pipos bender and I'm still waitng for my little Bingo to arrive. I really hope she is here this week, might have to message the seller to see if they have a tracking number though I have a feeling they sent it regular post not ems *sigh*.

Bought, or should I say ordered because I think it was a pre order, Dollheart's beautiful Queen of Hearts outfit. It is so scrumptious! I LOVE it and so will my wake up Goldie :D The Alice in Wonderland theme is sure taking over the doll room lol, ah I love it :D Can never have too much Alice in my opinion ;o)

S'all for now :D

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Clutter Quiz

In my search of housework related sites (besides the weird man servant fetish ones lol) I came across a site that deals with clutter and ways of reducing it. It did have quite a few useful tips which I will try to include into my daily routine. But the one thing that stopped me in my tracks was a clutter quiz. Of course being the cluttered quiz loving freak that I am I took the quiz and this was the profound answer I got.

You are using possessions to reinforce your sense of self

Holy crapola how true is that!!!!

I need to purge everything!!!!!!!! Yard sale! Yard sale!!!!

But seriously, it really is true and really sad. I have been like this most of my life, I don't know why I think that new shiny things will make me a more complete person, or a better person but I do. If my house and everything in it were to burn down to the ground tomorrow I wouldn't be able to cope, I don't know what I'd do without all my stuff and that is such a shallow way to live and it makes me feel sick. The dolls, the ornaments, the trinkets they are all just stuff, but they are me :o(

Dig out ya pinnys boys!!

I am always frustrated with housework, as I'm sure most of you are. I don't mind doing it, I actually enjoy cleaning but I just wish it would stay clean lol. So I'm often looking for housework type articles on the net, I like finding useful little tips and new ways of doing things etc. So I thought I'll have a look on flickr, I've never searched for anything housework related on there. Well oh my Lordy LOL. I found a group for maid/servents, ok I thought this sort of sounds what I am looking for they might have lot's of useful advice. ROFLMAO!! Why did no one tell me there are husbands out there that like to dress up as maids and do housework to serve and please their wives!!!!!! There was even one guy on there saying how he tried to do this for his wife and she didn't like it, 'she wanted a real man' LOL. I know I shouldn't laugh, and it takes all sorts etc, but this was too funny not to share...