Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Anthro Love

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Pipos dolls, lol.

I am so in love with them!

They are so charming, a little bit different, a bit quirky.

I'm thinking of a setting up a make believe rescue home for Pipos critters lol. "Quirky Critters Rescue Home" maybe? Or "Scary Claws Pet Rescue" ?

Pipos shopping/wish list:

Grey Dali
White Dali
White Star Cheshire
Grey Star Cheshire
White Cheshire
Grey Cheshire
Cheese Mouse

Joky, Moody, Shy Cheshires
Star Cheshires
Clock Rabbit Dali
March Rabbit Dali
Maid Loly Ringo
Jam Mouse
Cheese Mouse

Gosh, I need to win lotto for all that lot!!! I can dream :o)

I seem to be quite taken with critters at the moment. I'm not sure why either. The shift away from dolls (dolls that look like people) has happened a bit. I could never get what all the fuss was about anthros before but now I love them, well Pipos ones anyway.

I've also just found darling little unicorns at Doll Factory. I really like the little white one with pink blushing. The purple one is also adorable.

Sylvanian Families are on my mind a lot too, since dear kittytoes wet my whistle for them with her link to the sylvanian gypsy caravan. I've always loved dollhouses and I'm seriously thinking of buying Sylvanian Families Willow Hall. It sounds a bit lazy but I like the idea of just buying a house that is already done, just buy the furniture sets you want and bung it in there, the lighting is done, just set it up and have fun. I just don't have the time to fiddle and fart around with a dollhouse from scratch, which is what I would be doing with the big one that is yet to be built (the one from my mum). And I know SF are probably not the most detailed of dollhouse stuff but I like it damn it, who cares what others think, lol. Oh and of course I'd need critters to put in there hehe. Badger family for the caravan. Maybe a rabbit and squirrel family for Willow Hall :o) Eeep I get so excited just thinking about it!! I'm such a big kid!!


  1. LOL the anthro's are dangerous territory. I was into them for a while but I got out early :) I do love that white and pink dragon. I have liked that one for a long time...

  2. Ha I just realized it's a unicorn! All this time I thought it was a dragon. That face totally says cute baby dragon.

  3. They are very dragony looking aren't they!