Monday, November 1, 2010

Dig out ya pinnys boys!!

I am always frustrated with housework, as I'm sure most of you are. I don't mind doing it, I actually enjoy cleaning but I just wish it would stay clean lol. So I'm often looking for housework type articles on the net, I like finding useful little tips and new ways of doing things etc. So I thought I'll have a look on flickr, I've never searched for anything housework related on there. Well oh my Lordy LOL. I found a group for maid/servents, ok I thought this sort of sounds what I am looking for they might have lot's of useful advice. ROFLMAO!! Why did no one tell me there are husbands out there that like to dress up as maids and do housework to serve and please their wives!!!!!! There was even one guy on there saying how he tried to do this for his wife and she didn't like it, 'she wanted a real man' LOL. I know I shouldn't laugh, and it takes all sorts etc, but this was too funny not to share...

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