Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sweet as Honey

Well after a nail biting wait that seemed to go on for eternity she has finally arrived.......

Meet Honey

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Oh my Lordy how true is that saying!!

Have a look at this little lady -

I have found my Honey.

Who is Honey you may ask? Well, when I bought Poppy (Pinky White Narae) I hoped that one day she might have a sister called Honey and preferably a Tanning Classic Narae. Well the Narae in the pic above is Tanning but she is an Open Eye not Classic, but hey who cares, look at her she is beautiful and she is the lovely creamy "older" Tanning resin colour.

So what sparked this sudden purchase. I found a Golden Beige Narae for sale on DOA at the end of last week I think it was. I was very tempted, she was lovely but I just wasn't sure about the Golden Beige resin, it's nice but looks a little yellow. Plus, I always had my heart set on Tanning. Anyway so I started reading the Narae thread and then noticed that Narindoll have changed their Tanning resin colour. It used to be a natural flesh tone colour and it seems now it is darker and has more of a greyish undertone. I was disappointed, I was planning on ordering a brand new doll from Dollfair at some stage, but the new resin turned me off.

So I thought maybe Golden Beige would be okay and of course by the time I decided this she had already sold.

So, that brings us to today. I decided that I would put a WTB in the marketplace for an older tanning Narae, classic or open eye. Before I was about to do this I thought I'll just have a quick check of the marketplace to see if there are any other naraes that have come up for sale. That's when I saw her!! I couldn't believe my eyes, swazini (Susan) was selling her beautiful tanning narae called Manon. I quickly sent a pm, but I was sure she was going to be sold already. To my surprise she hadn't sold!! Yay!! Thats karma for you :o))

Swazini (Susan) is who I bought the lovely Tindra from. Isn't that amazing. Susan, if you ever read this, I will take good care of your two girls I promise :o)