Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tis the seaon

We are officially on school holidays here in our household!! This is both good and bad, good because I love not having to race around like a headless chook in the mornings and I love being home. Bad because having three children running around the house soon becomes quite a messy affair and I am constantly picking up stuff. But other than that I am happy, I love not having to go out of the house everyday. I'm such a homebody, I like nothing better than knowing I can stay home all day :D

My Christmas shopping is pretty much all done, just a couple of little bits to buy (my brother & his girlfriend), kids are all sorted thank goodness. I haven't wrapped anything yet though, must have a look to see what wrapping I have and may need to buy more.

Food wise, so far the only Christmas food I've bought is little plum puddings. I am going to cook a more traditional lunch this year. Usually it's seafood all the way, which I love, but I think we are all getting a bit tired of it. So this year it will be roast pork, maybe a small turkey or large chicken and roast vegies, that sort of thing. All done in the bbq outside so we don't heat up the house more than necessary seeing as it will probably be about 35 degrees outside lol (if not more). I always remember one of our first Christmases in Australia and my mum had made a huge traditional roast dinner, in our non air conditioned house and she had an elaborate candle centre piece that melted before she even lit it because it was so stinking hot in our house.

My brother and his girlfriend arrive on the 20th, still have to make the media room into a bedroom which will be a challenge as hubby uses it as a study and he lives like a crazy hoarder with piles of paperwork everywhere, grrrrrrrr! Should be an interesting Christmas, have never met my brothers girlfriend and she is quite a bit younger than me (and he is quite a bit older than me, do the maths). Brets dad is coming for Christmas day and his mum for Boxing day. Ah dysfunctional families, don't ya just love them! If I could wish for anything in the world it would be to have a normal family, where my mum and dad are still alive and together, and Bret's parents are still together (and happy of course). To have a Christmas day where the whole family come together and celebrates happily toogether. I think if you are one of these people that actually have that at your Christmas then you are incredibly blessed, and really should take a moment to appreciate it. Of course I am thankful for my own beautiful family, just wish my kids had their maternal grandparents to share it with them more than anything.

So how are your Christmas plans coming along? Shopping all done? Presents all wrapped?

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