Sunday, October 3, 2010


Gosh is it really Sunday already!? I lose track of time when we are on school holidays (which we are on now btw). So far it has been a really nice relaxing break. We've been to the movies, had friends over for a tea party and today we are supposed to be going out to the Kalamunda markets (if we can get our butts into gear that is).

My current obsession is Gypsy caravans. I saw one on ebay and it just melted my heart. Her name is Esmeralda, how gorgeous is that!!! Why is it if you name a car, or any sort of vehicle it takes on a whole personality and life of it's own, I just love that <3 Anyway back to Esmeralda, she is in the UK (of course) so there is no way I will be buying her, but have a look, she is beautiful.

I am trying to talk hubby into building a 1/2 scale one that the kids could play in as a cubby :o) I'd love a full size one in the garden if we had a bigger property. I think it would be nice to hang out in there,drink tea and read tarot cards lol.

Other obsessions...Pipos cheshires! As you know I put a Dark Cheshire on layaway with Piposland. Also on DoA I had an angel of a member pm me to pass on a link for a Minty cheshire on YJ. Low and behold I won her!!! I didn't want to say anything until I knew for certain I had won her and everything was ok. She is full set and in perfect condition. I am absolutely ecstatic!!! Hoping she will be here in a couple of weeks if not sooner. Hopefully some of my bit's on DoA will sell and I can pay off my little Dark cheshire too.

Another obsession at the moment is Etsy. I could spend hours on there (and do) just browsing around. I found two really wonderful artists on there that I love, The Snippets and Chicken Lips. They both make the most charming, whimsical sculptures that I have ever seen!! I'm always blown away by the amount of talented people on Etsy. There are so many crazily artistic people in this world that go unnoticed it just doesn't seem right.

Still obsessed with cuckoo clocks, can't seem to find one at a good price and also one that isn't too pretty to paint over. I did see Kaiser craft are releasing a chipboard cuckoo clock like this:

Maybe using one of those might be the way to go, though I still would like an actual cuckoo to pop out.

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