My main doll love is BJD's, which stands for Ball Jointed Dolls. They are made from resin, have ball joints (as their name suggests) and can be highly customised via wigs, eyes and face paint (called face ups).

I first got into BJD's in the middle of 2005. I saw a photo on fairy artist Amy Brown's website of the most beautiful dolls I had ever seen. These dolls turned out to be a Luts Soony and Lishe from her own collection. I was mesmerised by their beauty, I had never seen dolls this perfect before. I did my homework and learned a lot about them, where to buy from, what size they were, what clothes and wigs they wore etc. It was a whole new world to me. I quickly went about selling off most of my action figure collection and Barbie doll collection so I could afford one of these gorgeous dolls. April 2006 and $600 later I had my first ever ball jointed doll, a Luts Soony.

I still have her today and needless to say she is one of my favorite dolls. She has had quite a transformation over the years.