Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time to sit down with a cuppa and just relax. It's been so busy around here since the kids have gone back to school. Not exciting busy either, just mundane housework, kid wrangling busy. I need to take time to smell the roses but time is sadly lacking at the moment.

Inspired by aussiedolls mammoth cleaning up effort in her study motivated me to clean up the doll room (again) yesterday. I'm going to do a sale post in the next few days of bjd clothes, shoes, wigs etc and a few bjd's as well if you are interested.

I think I've gone Monster High custom crazy at the moment! So many amazing customs out there. I had an idea for two customs a little while ago but my perfectionism froze me in my tracks so I have commissioned someone to do them for me. I know I'm lame lol. But anyway they are turning out more amazing than I could have ever dreamed so I am beyond happy with my decision :D

The kids and I went to see the Lalaloopsy movie this morning, it was cute, maybe a bit babyish but it was nice to zone out for an hour (I did manage to stay awake lol). It got me thinking of a few Lala customs that would be cool to do, just redressing really into other characters not repainting or anything.

I saw that doco Catfish the other day, omg I will never see Facebook the same again!! It was so amazing!! If you haven't seen it please try and find it you won't be sorry.

I leave you with a pic of my little all seeing Sally <3

Friday, February 24, 2012

2/12 ~ Candy

So here we are the second photo theme for the year.

Candy, I took it literally and had fun with some tiny Rement candy, these are my Modigli's hands so you can guess how tiny these little sweets really are.

Funny isn't it, in America it's candy, England it's sweets and Australia its lollies but it all tastes goooood! :P

2/12 ~ Candy

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February's photo theme

So we are on to a new month and February's theme is:


Have fun :D