Wednesday, March 30, 2011

13/52 ~ Matilda

iMda Modigli arrived this week. She is my grumpy, tantrum throwing three year old. Oh wait, don't I already have a real life one of those...oh yeah ;o)

Full colour version here :o)

I ummed and arghed over iMda's Modigli for too long and then she sold out :o( I was heartbroken, she was after all limited to just 50 worldwide. I put up a WTB thread on DoA a little while agao and then out of the blue last week someone pm'd me to say they had a Modigli they wanted to sell. I nearly fell off my chair! Less than a week later she is home here with me :D In a way I feel like she is my first sort of art doll. She is quite unusual, her head is msd size and her body more yo-sd size. Naked she looks a bit like a little alien, but it works and I adore her round hips and stumpy legs XD

12/52 ~ Sugar & Spice

Gosh is it really week 12 already?!

Have some Tallulah <3

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pin up me!

This is so cute, you have to try it!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


* Boo is doing much better. Took another urine sample to the vet yesterday and they said the antibiotics are working and her condition has improved but she still needs more antibiotics. The vet suggested a long acting antibiotic injection. My first thought was why the heck couldn't you have used that the first time around. I really like this vet practice but I can't help but feel they have gone the long way around to solving the problem and I wonder if it's just a way of making extra money. So off to the vet this morning and Boo had her injection and hopefully this will be the end of it. $1000 later and I am looking into pet insurance.

* I did order Pipos O.Charlotte. You knew I would ;o)

* We had our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday. Hubby bought me a Navman for the car because we always argue when I have to read the map book. I thought that was hilarious lol.

* The Super Moon the other night was awesome! I should have taken photos. I heard something on the news about how it is believed there is a link to that moon and natural disaters. Is it true? They do say the end of the world will take place next year, 2012, it better not happen before my 40th birthday because I wanna have a party damn it lol.

* I have a wish list a mile long. It goes a little something like this...

From top left to right: Volks SDGr Alice or Lorina, Blaine from Glee (be still my beating heart), iPad 2, hair like this, Nintendo 3DS, Glee Season 2 dvds, Animal Crossing for 3DS and Sims Medieval.

* First off, omg Volks SDGr Alice!! How gorgeous and I bet how expensive she will be when they start selling her on YJ. I can dream though. really intrigued to see what her SDGr body looks like though. Maybe I should set my sights on Lorina, she might be a little cheaper being normal skin.

* OMG Blaine <3

* iPad2 I need you!

* I am bored with dark brown hair, I miss my bright red streaks. I want something bright all over like that pic and the cut is darling too.

* Can't wait to see the Nintendo 3DS, might have to wait until it comes down in price a bit before I buy.

* Glee season 2 out tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

* Animal Crossing for 3DS!!! This is the only reason I would buy a 3DS!!!

* I only just found out about Sims Medieval the other day!!! I cannot wait to get this, it looks like it combines the sims with a bit of RPG style skill points = perfection!! I am still playing Dragon Quest btw, I think this game could go on until the end of the earth next year!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

10/52 ~ Red Riding Hood

I'm running behind this week :o( I'll have to play catch up.

Thought I would turn my attention to my long suffering f-08 girl this week. Different eyes, totally different style of wig and some new clothes have transformed her in to Little Red Riding Hood ;o)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cat Tales

We've been having trouble with one of our cats, Boo (see icon) vomiting. It started about six weeks ago. It seemed to coincide with a night that Boo spent outside (most unusual for her) and was chased and terrified by next doors dog. I found her hiding in a drain the next afternoon after worrying myself to tears that she had been mauled by the dog or chased away and was lost. So I was thinking maybe the vomiting was from stress.

It went on for about a week and I decided to take her to the vet. The vet thought maybe it was hairballs, gave me Catlax and sent us on our way. We've had Boo since she was four weeks old (she is now seven years old) and I've never seen her chuck up a hair ball so I was a bit worried it was more than just that.

A couple more weeks went past it looked like the vomiting was easing up and then it started again. Back to the vet we go this time full x-rays, blood works. All the results came back fine, so that was a relief but still a concern because we still don't know what is wrong.

Took a urine sample to the vet yesterday (and that was a job and a half getting that from Boo let me tell you) and it turns out she has a very nasty urinary tract infection. Nearly $900 worth of vet bills to tell us she has a uti lol.

So now she is on antibiotics, I am having such a hard time getting them into her. Cats are so smart they definitely know when you have been tinkering with their food. Not like dogs that just gulp down a piece of steak oblivious to the fact there is a tablet in the middle of it. Does anyone have any secret tips for getting cats to take tablets? I'd love to know!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tempting Charlotte

I am trying to resist the pull of the new Charlotte that Pipos is going to release very soon. The face ups are exquisite, so feminine and beautiful. Trouble is I've never been into Charlotte before, I mean is she a cat, or a demon? I'm not entirely sure?? Best I can work out she is a human/cat because she has a cattish face and a human body, I guess a bit like Elfdoll's Catsy.

The above pic is of their Gift Charlotte. Two lucky people who order a Charlotte (or Derek he is the other sculpt being released) and pay straight away have the chance to win this divine creature!! I think she is delicious, I love everything about her. What are the odds I wonder, do I have a chance? Should I or shouldn't I???

Then just to add to the temptation they go and release a limited outfit too!! Arghhhhhhhhh!!!! They are trying to kill me I swear!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

9/52 ~ Yin Yang

Two little cuties arrived last week. Meet Yin & Yang ;o)