Sunday, November 28, 2010

Doll Musings....

Why do people have to say "they are not bonding with a doll", why can't they just say "they don't like them".

I received my Doll Hearts red queen outfit today. It's magnificent. I must dress up one  of the dolls and take pics.

Not really feeling it for the dolly dolls (dolls that look like people I mean, anthros have stolen my heart for some strange reason lol) at present. Haven't taken any photos of them for a long time. I bought some re-ment for my Pipos critters, so hoping that will inspire me. I am going to try and set up a little kitchen, this has been a dream for a long time. I found a kitchen sink/oven set on ebay and a table and chairs etc. I spent a small fortune on food sets, I just can't resist  little cartons of milk and cereal bowls etc etc etc.

Wondering if my Latidoll vampire Lea will ever ship, I ordered her back in July! I also ordered a body for my Lami head (that is my Christmas present from hubby and the kids :D). Maybe  they will be here for next Christmas :o(

I have one doll left to sell and then I'm done! Thank God, it's been a long hard slog! I officially hate selling dolls. It never used to be this hard, people are rude, always bartering the price, it's not good for the stress levels.

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