Sunday, May 29, 2011


* I've always been intrigued by Dollstown dolls, I even had one briefly, a Lucille. Ive fallen in love with them again recently. I really need some DT girls in my doll family. I'm thinking Seola, Lucille and Elysia for starters but there are others too that I love but I'll have to get that money tree growing in the back yard first. They are doing a preorder in June at DT, I'm really hoping my volks Charlotte will sell before then and I can get one DT girl. Anyone want a volks Charlotte by any chance? I'm happy to split her if need be, so if you want a Charlotte head or are in need of a sd10 body let me know :)

* Just found out that the second preorder for little Enyo will begin next week! I really hope to be able to get one. Too many lovely dolls around lately!! Seriously there are so many new dolls and new companies it's mind boggling!

* I keep hoping I'll find another hobby whether it's a different doll or some type of collectible that will draw me in the way bjds do. But so far nothing, the only reason for wanting something different is the expense. Bjd's are just so expensive.

* Poor old Boo is not well again. We were at the vets again last Monday and looks like we will be there again tomorrow for blood tests as she is vomiting again so the antibiotic injection she was given last week is obviously not working.

* I did have more to say but it seems to have left me. Some people seem to be having a negative effect on me lately and it's not good and it's really frustrating, annoying and sad and I don't know what to do about it :o( and it's not just one person it's a few, maybe it's me!? I'm not in a good place today :o( *cries*

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Ah today is Sunday and it feels very lazy and slow. After tidying up a bit and catching up on some washing I hope to be able to get some more copic coloring done.

I really need to do a bit of gardening out the front too.

I started a layaway with Soom the other day for an iMda Agatha and a little Nappy Choo Popo. It's a 90 day layaway so it gives me plenty of time to pay them off. Agatha will be my Modigli's big sister. Just need to think of a name for her (love that bit).

I'm really enjoying Blogger, I wonder is there anyway to make your posts private so only your followers can read your entries?? Do you know? There are things I want to be able to say without the whole world reading them. Sometimes I feel gagged on livejournal and I can't really say what I want. I did think of starting a new private blog but interaction with people is really important to me and it would get way too depressing if I was totally alone lol. I wonder how many of you even read this blog anyway.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

20/52 ~ Albino Baby

Week 20 already!! Can you believe it, we're screaming towards the middle of the year like there is no tomorrow *gulp*

Still in Modigli heaven :o) Popped in some silly pink eyes and played around with wigs. This wig is sold by Neo Angel Region as one of the 7/8"  wigs that fit's Modigli's large melon head and it is so small it hardly fits at all. I managed to keep it on with one of those silicone head caps and the black ribbon. I do love it though, the colour suits her perfectly. I might have to order the longer one as well, it's so soft and natural looking.

So on with the pics, I got playing with Picnic on Flickr :o) This was the cross process effect, I think it has quite an eerie look, either that or the pink eyes are weirding me out O_o LOL

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh For Crafts Sake

I've started a new craft blog called, yep you guessed it Oh For Crafts Sake. Please have a look if you like crafty stuff :o)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

19/52 ~ Tea Anyone?

This kills two birds with one stone, a pic for the 52 weeks photo challenge and a pic for the cuties in cups group on flickr :D And what could be more cute than an itty bitty kitty in a cup!

Sorry, I'm in love with soft, vintage looking photos at the moment so lot's of rounded corners and yellowy coloured pics for a while. They just look so romantic and pretty!


* I feel like I haven't posted about much lately, i feel like I haven't much to post about to be honest besides the photo a week thing. Time to get back to rambling posts about dolls and hobby stuff. Ever since my computer died and then the laptop had that bloody exe virus I feel like it's set me back. I had all these great plans and it caught me off guard. Poo!

* I'm at swimming lessons at the mo with the kids. It's amazing how many of the parents sit playing with their phones lol. What ever did we do without smart phones??? I'm totally addicted to Tiny Wings on the iPhone, you must try it! It's super cute, fun, soothing and extremely addictive!!

* Window shopping on Etsy is a dangerous thing lol. I found these funny tarot cards on another website that I'm tempted to get.

Love, love, love this little pill box especially the catch phrase "better living through chemistry". Gawd i could do with some of that lately, something to wake me up in the morning and knock me out at night! It reminded me of [info]caerbannog 's "I wanna be sedated" pill box that I thought was uber cool and hysterically funny ( and still do :D).

Also love this paper doll book, I bet it's amazing inside. I used to love paper dolls as a kid.

* On a silly note have a look at this cat. It cracks me up no end. There are a lot of weird Victorian cat pictures on the net, it must have been quite fashionable to dress up your pets and get their portraits done ( if you had the money of course). Maybe that's why Beatrix Potter was so successful or maybe she started the trend?? Who knows but it's cute. I want to get a bonnet for my Pipos kitties now :D

18/52 ~ My Sweetness

Catching up from last weeks photo challenge, so I'll be posting two photos this week.

My little Tilly Plum came back from the wonderful sdink  last week. She has had a total makeover and I couldn't be happier with her. Her lips look even more pouty and luscious now <3

Isn't she so adorable! I'm having so much fun with this little one. I think not only is it because she is so lovely but also because there is only one of her, she get's all the attention lavished on her. Maybe this is a good lesson for me, having more is not always a good thing. It is nice to just focus on one thing and have fun in the process.

I've ordered her some more clothes and wigs from Soom but they are really, really slow. I also had a little splurge on the weekend and ordered that Sweet Passion dress from Dollheart and some little yo-sd sized spat boots for my spoilt Tilly.

S'all for now!

Shabby dresser is finished!

The dresser took a little longer to finish than planned but now it is completely done. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I haven't taken to it with sand paper yet to give it that shabby look, still not sure if I'm going to or not.

It's filled with lot's of bit's and pieces already...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

17/52 ~ Anastasia

My Pipos Charlotte arrived this week and wow she is amazing! I've called her Anastasia, she has that exotic princess look about her. Her face up is too die for, my photos don't do her justice at all.

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross
To see a fine lady upon a pink flamingo...huh? ;o)