Saturday, August 18, 2007

Unoa Sist Assembly ~ Stage 1

I have a new found respect for people that put together their own dolls or even people who restring or sand their dolls.

I have spent three days in total sanding my Unoa Sist. Well not full days of course, but over three days I have spent about four or five hours of trimming excess bits of resin off and sanding seams.

It is very tedious work. Well worth the effort though I have to say. I was hoping to get my Sist sprayed with a coat of Mr Super Clear today as it was nice and warm outside. But when I looked at the seam lines again I really had to give them another going over with a finer grade sandpaper to give them a better finish. I'm glad I did, they look a lot better and the seams are a lot less noticeable.


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