Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011


OMG I haven't been this excited about a Barbie in a long time! All I can say is Tokidoki FTW!

Isn't she gorgeous! The attention to detail is amazing, look at the leopard print leggings, the leopard print is actually little Tokidoki style faces! Love absolutely everything about this doll. She is due in October. I'm even thinking of buying two, one to take out and play with and one to keep in the box, coz you know if the doll looks this good the box will be a work of at art too XD

Eeeep so excited :D


We are on school holidays in my tiny corner of the world and it is pure heaven! No rushing around, less stress, no routine etc. We have already shifted about two hours forward in our usual routine, getting up later, having dinner later, going to bed later and it's wonderful :D This is a very much needed break for me, towards the end of last term I was not in a good place and felt like everything was caving in on me. I feel like I am starting to breathe again now which is great. Had my birthday on Monday and was thoroughly spoilt by the family which was lovely. I'm now the proud owner of a shiny new iPad 2 and it's awesome! I think I need to have it permanently grafted to my hand lol. Today is looking pretty sunny (still coolish) so it might be a good gardening day. I should take some pics of my bulbs that have started to flower already and why do my roses start to thrive as soon as the cold weather starts, the time when I am meant to be pruning them!! I had a delightful box of goodness arrive from Japan yesterday. I bought a Re-ment Puchi House from a girl on Flickr and I got it for a great price ( not ridiculous eBay price). So today I hope to put it together and play :D The one thing I love about it is the window sill, I know I must be flipping mad lol. I leave you with a pic of some adorable cupcakes that my friends dad made for her daughters birthday last month :) Happy Thursday everyone :o)

28/52 ~ Lalaloospy Over Easy Anyone?

Had a play with my daughters Monster High dolls last night....

It always amused me how Monster Highs and Lalaloopsy's came out at about the same time and yet they were just poles apart, but they both seemed to appeal to adult collectors. I love them both, though I don't collect MH's like I collect Lala's.

No Lalaloopsy dolls were harmed in the making of this pic ;o)

Sort out

I've been having a bit of a sort out lately....

Rement comes in these cute little cardboard boxes, but they take up too much room and you can't see what's inside. So I'm putting it all into these plastic storage containers. At the moment I'm organizing it into their original sets, I'm not sure if this is the way to go or maybe I should organize by what type of thing it is, ie food, appliances, cups, bowls etc. Anal I know, oh well for now it can stay like it is.

Doesn't tiny food just make you go squeeeeee! XD

I bought a dress and a pair of shoes ready for my little Enyo when she arrives later in the year. I wish it was now!! I'm so impatient lol. Haven't found the right wig yet. I'm really in love with little dolls lately.

I'm pretty sure I'm safe from iMda's latest release, Babette. If I didn't already have Modigli I would be all over her for sure. So that is a relief lol. I ordered a dress for Modigli from Neo Angelregion at the beginning of May and I'm still waiting!! I think they must be flat out at the moment with orders. I'm not entirely sure how the whole Soom / Neo Angelregion set up works whether they are one and the same or if they have different divisions within the one building or what. But I'm guessing that they are like most companies that have a back log of orders and release new dolls without finishing off past orders etc. Annoying, but you get used to it in this hobby I guess.

Monday, July 4, 2011

27/52 ~ Purrfect

New boy I was talking about last week ( the one without his default clothes ) arrived today!!!!

My much coveted Pipos Shy Cheshire!!! I am in love he is so beautiful <3

I was very lucky to be able to buy his default clothes from a dear friend on Flickr XD

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Morning Ramble

Good morning :o)

For some strange reason I've woken up with half a black eye this morning. Just my eyelid is deep purple, I remember rubbing my eyes early this morning when I first woke up but thought nothing of it.

Not sure what I feel like doing today and it's nice to have a choice of what to do seeing as it's Sunday and not a busy day during the week. Maybe a bit of gardening if the rain holds off. My bulbs from last year have been springing up and I have little jonquils in flower already, they are so pretty. I love winter! The best time to plant things over here :o)

I keep looking at tiny dolls lately. I've got my eyes on a Lati yellow Bayer and a Secretdoll person 21. They are basics so there is no rush, but you know me, I want them now lol. IMda are releasing a new doll called Babette ( love that name so much!! ) this month, she looks very much like Modigli (same size too), can't wait to see more pics of her. Oh and she has freckles, I'm dying to have a doll with freckles!!

Went absolutely crazy last week and bought a load of rement. I call it my premenstrual shopping spree, I always spend more money when I'm pms-ing lol. Made the mistake of buying rement off YJ and got nailed with all of Rinkyas fees, what was I thinking!!! Items which I won for like $8 got a $15 fee plonked on top!! Live and learn I guess, I did get my rement fridge though so that is good even though it cost me a small fortune.

Wow it's July! Amazing how fast this year has gone. It's my birthday this month, the last year of my thirties!! Holy crap that sounds so old, I remember when I turned thirty!! So what are your plans for July?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

26/52 ~ Have wheels will travel

A new little fellow rolled into my life this week.

Meet Camembert...

He is a Pipos Cheese Mouse. A friend of mine on Flickr offered him to me and how could I refuse, lol. He is just so cute and so... yellow!