Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tick tick tick

It's not even the end of this year and already my mind is ticking away with doll/hobby plans for next year.

Number 1 cardinal rule for doll hobby next year is no impulse purchases!!!!! I am so bad for this, I get bored, browse the marketplace and before you know it I am buying a $1000 doll I had no intention of buying! I have to learn that it is ok to fall in love with dolls and to appreciate their beauty, I just don't have to buy the damn doll as well. This will be my mantra, no impulse buys no impulse buys no impulse buys!!!

Make the most of what I already have. I have some really wonderful dolls, I really do. Seems everybody else realises this except me. I have to make the most of them, treat them all like new dolls every time I decide to play. The whole reason I got into bjds was because one doll could have a million different looks, seems mine get stuck with the same old look and that's it. I would also like to get some dolls new face ups (Kurumi, Lin, Lishe) and really make them my own.

Pipos *sigh* I love those little anthos so much! I am going to be patient and hold out for them to do their 2011 release of Cheese Mouse, and maybe buy a Curo and basic Cheshire (white or grey or both ;D) sometime next year as well. Still hoping to find the limited star, shy, joky and moody cheshires on the secondary marketplace.

Two new (not new as in new, but not secondhand) dolls that I would love to buy but probably shouldn't and can't afford anyway are Leekeworld Carey and Soom Asil. I also love Volks Lieselotte but she always seems to sell for such a high price, like $1300 or more and I must have had a reality check or something because I just cannot justify spending that on a doll anymore. I think of how many light fittings, or curtains I could buy with that money instead. My god, does that mean I have "grown up" eeek! scary!

I'd love to buy a Re-ment fridge and maybe a little cupboard next year. I have my kitchen and table set now and I'd really like to make a little room set up in the expedit. I must, if it's the last thing I ever do - build my mothers old Victorian dollhouse next year!!!! Taryn, are you up for some woodwork? LOL. I've been putting it off, and putting it off. It just seems so daunting, like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Maybe it's also because mum isn't here to see it makes me not want to do it, I don't know. I do know that when it is done though, it will be beautiful and would look great in my front sitting room :o)

I'd still like to do a bit more card making and try my hand at digital scrapbooking. Finally get something done with the poor third child's baby photos, that have hardly been printed off from the computer. Also I want to make a gigantic family photo wall all down my passage way. I saw this at a friends place and it looked amazing!

Sewing wise, well I'm not much of a seamstress as we know lol. But I bought a pattern for a cat quilt that I plan to use as a wall hanging, so I am going to make a start on that next year. It may well take me all year to finish it lol.

Argh it feels good to get all those thoughts written down. I feel like I have a plan now, I like boundaries lol.

So what are your doll plans for next year?


  1. Those sound like good goals!

    The only way I can afford a new doll is by killing some of my old ones. I have 8 dolls, and I'm trying to sell three right now. I desperately want Impldoll's new Antonia in tan, but she's over 300.00, which is way out of my budget, so dolls have to go! Hopefully, I can make enough to at least start a layaway on her.

    I also want to get a better body for Harland, so he's just a pitiful floating head right now, which kills me because he's my favorite!

    I'm really frustrated with my doll projects lately, it seems like I can't make anything decent to save my life. I've got some hoofed legs for my elf girl incoming, and a pair of fancy boots from a group order I joined in last month should be here soon. I'm hoping those things will spark up my creativity a little!

  2. Hi there, just recently been following your blog. I have seen you on DoA (you got a couple of dolls I was wanting - that's where I saw your name. Thanks for buying them before I did!) For my doll plans for the new year - NOT BUY ANYTHING! Its hard, I know, but I intend to stick to it, and just enjoy what I have! Good luck to everyone on their new years doll resolutions!!

  3. Hi House of Baha!! Thanks so much for stopping by :o)Your new plan sounds like a good one, I am trying to do the same but it is very hard when there are so many lovely dolls out there lol. I am holding out for Pipos to re-release their little cheese mouse :o)