Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gotta Look on the Bright Side

Well looks like I have lost my hard drive from my netbook. Photos, files, the lot. By the looks of it I hadn't backed up since the end of last year. That means a good 9 to 10 months of files gone. Lucky I save a lot of my good photos to my flickr, but random family shots I don't :-( I used a program to scan my SD card from my camera just incase it could find something and it has, not everything but a few things that weren't saved to the external hard drive from last year.

So the next few days I will be doing a lot of sorting out, reorganising folders, doing another major back up. This has been a good, all be it very hard lesson to learn. I need to back up at least every month and print out all my family photos and save them to disc.

I'll have to go back to etsy and buy some more digital downloads as I lost all those too. Sophie's 3rd birthday pics, Scruffy's pics from when he first arrived, Chloe's first day of kindy pics all gone. They are the ones I'm really sad about and it really is all my fault for not backing up. But I am trying to be positive, I could have lost absolutely everything if I hadn't back up late last year. Oh well, one way to have a digital clear out I guess, lol.


  1. I'm so sorry, sweetie! That's awful, especially losing all those photos. I hope that your computer will behave from here on out!

  2. Yeah I was pretty upset, but at the end of the day what can you do. The little laptop that I was using is dead, but luckily hubby had one too that he doesn't really use much and he has kindly given it to me to replace my one (isn't he a sweetheart!). I just have to remember to regularly back up now, and I really need to print out more photos and put them in proper albums. Maybe I should start making some fancy scrapbook albums or something lol.