Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm using the Blogger app to post to here most of the time. It looks different I guess it's updated. Every time I come look at my blogger I think I've got to fix up my blog, the pages tabs I started ages ago and never did finish. It's like a half finished house, it erks me. Not that I get many visitors to this old house but it still annoys me.

My doll love has been resurrected lately. I'm dreaming of a white skinned Miyu as my little albino girl. Also made the mistake of looking at the Napidoll website and now I want to order a Rogebell head.....again. I wanted to order her when she first came out but then talked myself out of it. But the thought of missing out and regretting it is something I can't stomach. I have until 10th April to make my decision. I'm half way through my layaway order for Minfee Celine. To be honest I'm not as excited about her as I first was and I almost wanted to cancel the order and switch my order to a Miyu but I've decided to wait until she gets here and make my decision about her then. It's not even as if there is anything not to like about her it's just I want something else and with this hobby being so expensive I can't just buy the one I want right then and there so it's either a layaway situation or save up. Me being me is already planning the next doll as soon as I've ordered the first one lol.

In car news we are still waiting for the FC to arrive. They were meant to pick her up over a week ago but didn't because they thought she wasn't running grrrrr. Hopefully she has been picked now or at least getting picked up early next week. I just want her here! The name Gertie seems to have stuck :o)

With the terrible events of last Sunday night we are planning on building a cat enclosure or as we like to call it a catio :o) I wrote briefly about what happened on my Instagram but still can't bring myself to write anymore about it :o( I've been pinning like a crazy cat lady on Pinterest all the pics I can find about cat enclosures and how to build your own.

Question for the day...Why do I always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, why can't I see that my grass is pretty darn green too?

I know this isn't green grass but its a green dress and I like it :p

Blythe in the house!

Well here is my cute new Blythe that I bought from a friend on LJ.

Meet Sammy, my alter ego ;o)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

* I haven't even see the new Oz movie and yet I'm already in love with the little China girl. I went hunting around our local Target and rang another one near by and couldn't find her and the staff working there were no help (how unusual) so I thought stuff it I'll buy her off eBay, which I did. Hoping she doesn't take forever to arrive.

* Sold my Angel Egg doll, on layaway but the buyer seems genuine. Still haven't sold Kurumi or Lin, I've had someone messaging me on Flickr and DoA asking questions, getting me to find out postage and then of course not replying back. I'm thinking maybe I'll just hang on to them, get them faced up by Nomyens one day and love them forever. Like most of you I only sell because I need the money to buy something else and luckily the dolls I want aren't limited and I could hold off buying them til next year and save up properly. I've got a Minifee Celine on layaway at DDE and luckily I have the money put aside for that from the sale of Mari and Heero, the Angel Egg money can go on my credit card. It's all good :o)

* I bought a Blythe from an LJ friend :o) Yes it was on impulse but I'm really excited. She is a Rainy Day Parade Blythe which means she has dark bobbed hair, I know it's a bit egocentric but I'm going to make her my mini me lol. She may get some customization down the track but for now I'll be happy just to dress her up and play with her. My other Blythes just sit on the shelf like ornaments around the house so it will be fun to have one to play with. I'm already thinking of clothes and shoes, I'd love to get my hands on some Dr Martens Momoko boots.

* In other non doll news I am getting a new car!! Well not new, new, quite old actually. I've always wanted an old Holden and one night chatting with my petrol head hubby we looked at an online site called Gumtree and found the car of my dreams, a 1958 FC Holden. We contacted the seller, made an offer and it was accepted. We are in the process of getting her transported over to us as she is in the other side of Australia. She will need a bit of work before I can drive her but man I am soooooo excited!!

* I've finally started watching Downton Abbey, why did I wait so long?! Oh I love it! Just finished season one and about to start of season two. I had no idea it was set in Yorkshire and I've heard them mention Ripon (where my Dad was born) and Malton (where I was born) squee! I get quite sentimental about my hometown, I think I've got quite a romantic notion about it all, maybe it's just magical childhood memories but it always seems so picturesque and perfect. I know if I lived there still I would probably whinge about it like I do about where I live now lol. Anyway Downton, I'm addicted!