Friday, January 25, 2013

Geez I haven't posted in a while. Reminds me of a saying I once heard, "All bad bloggers go to Facebook" or in my case Facebook and Instagram lol. We're on the last leg on school holidays (yeehaa). Looking forward to having some me time and getting on top of my housework and never ending pile of washing. I've had a frustrating week of shopping this week. Found a really cute dress (I hardly ever wear dresses) only to find it sold out in my size at two stores and online. Then ordered some really cute shoes online only to discover when they were delivered I had ordered the UK size not the Aussie size which made them two sizes too big for moi. Then I accidentally fell in love with a cute hand bag, well two cute hand bags actually but they were out of my price range for hand bags i didnt really need I thought no worries I will find them cheaper online and I did but the store won't send to Australia. Ugh! I've been toying with the idea of upgrading my iPhone from the 3GS to the 5 all because my Fitbit will be able to wirelessly update rather than having to turn on my pc (that is dead anyway thanks to the power supply kicking the bucket). Ridiculous I know, but little things bug me, especially technical things. I like things to work properly and I am pedantic, maybe anal...yes definitely anal lol. Anyway so I've been doing my research and the main thing that puts me off iPhone 5 is the plug, why on earth did Apple have to change the plug?! It means that the phone won't fit into any of my MP3 players and I just bought a digital radio that has the old iPhone plug on it grrrr. I'll also need to get a new in car kit because my car doesn't have the blue tooth to be able to connect with the phone. So I don't know what to do. I really wanted to just upgrade to a 4s but now my phone company doesn't offer the 4s. Maybe I should just buy a 4s phone outright and be done with it. Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy a 5, I guess all the equipment that goes with it will be starting to make plugs that fit that and not the old devices anyway sooner or later. Or if they have this new Bluetooth maybe they won't need plugs at all???? Ah technology O_o On to dolls. I have fallen in love with tan dolls. I just bought a Secretdoll Person 21 in tan, can't wait until she arrives. I would love to get a pale tan Enyo and a pale tan Dollstown Seola one day. These are my wishlist dolls for this year. I've decided to make a few changes this year and I'm going to definitely sell my Kurumi, Yo-SD Lin and Angel Egg Noi (I know I only just got her) and Pipos Heero. With Kurumi as much as I love her and she was my "grail" doll I've decided I much prefer the look of SD Charlotte, so maybe one day I can get a Charlotte again and with Yo-sd Lin I much prefer Yo-sad Kanon so again maybe one day down the track I might try to get a Kanon (so great Volks has just re-released Kanon). Even if I don't end up getting the others I feel comfortable with letting Kurumi and Lin go.