Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Morning Ramble

Good morning :o)

For some strange reason I've woken up with half a black eye this morning. Just my eyelid is deep purple, I remember rubbing my eyes early this morning when I first woke up but thought nothing of it.

Not sure what I feel like doing today and it's nice to have a choice of what to do seeing as it's Sunday and not a busy day during the week. Maybe a bit of gardening if the rain holds off. My bulbs from last year have been springing up and I have little jonquils in flower already, they are so pretty. I love winter! The best time to plant things over here :o)

I keep looking at tiny dolls lately. I've got my eyes on a Lati yellow Bayer and a Secretdoll person 21. They are basics so there is no rush, but you know me, I want them now lol. IMda are releasing a new doll called Babette ( love that name so much!! ) this month, she looks very much like Modigli (same size too), can't wait to see more pics of her. Oh and she has freckles, I'm dying to have a doll with freckles!!

Went absolutely crazy last week and bought a load of rement. I call it my premenstrual shopping spree, I always spend more money when I'm pms-ing lol. Made the mistake of buying rement off YJ and got nailed with all of Rinkyas fees, what was I thinking!!! Items which I won for like $8 got a $15 fee plonked on top!! Live and learn I guess, I did get my rement fridge though so that is good even though it cost me a small fortune.

Wow it's July! Amazing how fast this year has gone. It's my birthday this month, the last year of my thirties!! Holy crap that sounds so old, I remember when I turned thirty!! So what are your plans for July?

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