Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

I wish I could crochet!

I wish I had taken the opportunity to learn how to crochet when my mum was still alive and she would offer to teach me. She was the queen of crochet. We used to have hundreds of crochet blankets in rainbow colours on our beds and on the couch. Back in those days I thought this was terribly uncool, now they are trendy lol.

I wish I could crochet!

The good thing about this wish is that I can do something about it, I can learn, I can watch YouTube videos, read books, whatever it takes. I can become a crochet master lol, well maybe not a master but I can have a go can't I :o)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mosaic Monday

Thought I would kick off my first Mosaic Monday with a few Flickr faves :o) 

1. Newspaper Hat Lady, 2. The Pixeleye Kool Lifestyle Calendar 2013, 3. Commission: Innocence, 4. Forget the day's troubles....., 5. Playing yoki :), 6. my newest manny, 7. peek at the new studio, 8. new ikea lights, 9. Sheltering from the rain...., 10. CD Ombre, 11. Honeybees bento, 12. It´s radishes picking time, 13. cat's eyes, 14. IMG_5231, 15. I Sea Me, 16. Tantrum, 17. Lolita's restyled wig. Check out new shoes on the blog too., 18. Gerv├ísio <3, 19. Which one is your favorite?, 20. IMG_5182, 21. IMG_4514a, 22. Sweet Song dress - couture for Blythe by KarolinFelix, 23. Valentines Day Hearts - every stitch handmade.., 24. Bearded Lady - part of illustration, 25. disney designer villains releases, 26. Berries and tarts., 27. Pon de Lion, 28. Sluuuuuurp, 29. Zzzz...., 30. Chantal ♥, 31. 10 things about Rhea [volks four sisters], 32. Killer Style, 33. FEILENE "the fairy" by Dream High Studio, 34. Princess Flesh, 35. IMG_7612, 36. In the secret garden

Flickr for me is like a pond, and all the pictures are like lily pads and I'm a frog (ok this is a weird analogy lol) and I jump from lily pad to lily pad and then my favorites are my beautiful lotus flowers <3 

My next mosaic was to give me a bit of inspiration to finish sorting out the doll room (which I'm happy to say is nearly finished). I love seeing pretty, organized rooms. I wish my whole house could look like this, yeah right that's never gonna happen lol. 

1. art room, 2. My craft room, 3. Untitled, 4. Craftroom corner, 5. The Big Shelf, 6. Craft room / study / guest room, 7. Dolly desk, 8. Sewing Room makeover, 9. New studio setup, 10. Spontan Magnetic Boards above the sewing table, 11. my studio in France, 12. Craft room, 13. Untitled, 14. P1090946, 15. Boxwood Cottage Studio July 2012, 16. Grand View of craft room :D, 17. Inspiration board, 18. recent shop photos, 19. My studio, 20. Peek at the new studio, 21. Pretty storage areas..., 22. shelf upcycle, 23. My craft room, 24. craft room, 25. craft room2

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Arty Farty Friday

Ok Arty Farty Friday here we are. I thought I'd share a couple of my new favorite artists seeing as I haven't done anything crafty for a while to be able to share with you.
First up we have fello Aussie Kate Mason from Scrapps Flea Market on Etsy. I just love this girls style so colourful, fun and whimsical. I like mixed media art and she does it so well. I'd really like to get some of these prints to hang on my eldest daughters wall.

The last one reminds me of me and my daughters <3
The next one is an artist I only just discovered the other day through Instagram. Her instagram name is Spooksieboo and she has an etsy shop called Moonlit Art Shop. What I really love is her spooky caricatures and she does family portraits, so as soon as her shop opens again (she is closed for vacation) I am going to get a family portrait done!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

Haven't done a wish list Wednesday in such a long time. Thought it might be good to try and get back into regular posting again on here, so I'm starting with Wish list Wednesday and hopefully on Mondays I'll have Monday Mosaic and on Fridays Arty Farty Friday.
Ok so what am I lusting after this week well first off it has to be this cute Cath Kidston bag (which I did order hehe). I seem to be on a bit of a handbag buying spree at the moment.

Secondly I love this wig! I saw it on someone's doll on Flickr and fell in love with it. So pretty, and who wouldn't want rainbow colored hair!

Fairy lights, yep fairy lights. I need to find a nice strand to hang on the top of my big Expedit. So far around here they are proving hard to find.

This little Dream High Studio doll popped up in my Flickr photostream and I did a double take! Such a cute tiny little fae. If I had a spare $275 I would be ordering her. She is so delicate and other wordly.

Lastly Disney Store Villain collector dolls! OMG! Love them especially Maleficent and the Queen of Hearts.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Photo Theme

Thank you to everyone who posted pics for July, it came and went so fast!

Ok this months was chosen by the lovely panda_cupcakes

The theme for August is PLACES - As in forest, garden, somewhere in your home where you relax.