Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Photo Theme

Hello everyone :D Thank you to everybody that participated in this months photo challenge, there were some fantastic photos <3

If you have time please pop over to see Carolyn's photo entries over at Littlegretel Dolls on Blogger she has also being do the monthly photo challenges :o)

Ok so on to April's theme, the darling aussiedolls has chosen this time around and the theme is WORDS

My old brain is ticking away at ideas already, I think this one could be quite challenging!

Can't wait to see what you all come up with and if any of you haven't joined in before you are welcome to hop on board now :D

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great advice from Kat the other day. I'm now drafting up my posts in my email and then posting them so I don't lose a whole post like the other day. Actually it's happened about three times now but the other day was the longest post I lost so far. Now I can't even think what it was I was prattling on about anyway lol.

So on to doll news :o)

My doll has love has been reignited! I was browsing around Flickr as I do quite regularly when I should be doing housework lol and I came across these amazing cat dolls made by artist Lee JaeYeon. She/he calls them Phoebe cats. I love their expressions and their outfits. They are made from a combination of bisque and cloth stuffed bodies.

Then I stumbled upon a series called Sprout. I'm in love and I think I'm going to order one but which one I have no idea, they are all so appealing :D Again they are bisque and cloth and they would be cabinet babies but I do love them and I think my heart needs one (is that a good reason?) I could right it off as a Mothers Day present right? The preorder is on right now and they would be ready end of April just in time for Mothers Day XD

Please help me decide! Which one do you like?

Still have plans for more customized Monster High dolls and I'd really love to get my hands on the two werecat twins, but I think I'd keep these just as they are. A question for my flist, those who have already customized their MH dolls what do you use to take off their factory makeup?

I feel rambley and disjointed today, sorry. I feel like I have so much to say but then I have to try and cram it all into one page, one rushed ten minutes to myself.

Still having fun with Instagram, I just wish I could make some pics private some pics public (just of the kids ya know, you never know who's viewing etc). Another cool iPhone camera app is Leme Cam, has some really cool effects, I'm still trying to work it all out. Getting back to the privacy thing, every now and again I get all worried about who is viewing my pics so I've decided to make any family ones on Flickr friends only, so this means going through all my contacts and editing who are contacts and who are friends ( it think I just have everyone as a contact, so it's a big job). I noticed today on Flickr that one person had spent four hours going through all my photos and adding them as favorites, is that weird or am I being paranoid? I mean I favorite a lot of pics but I don't spend four hours in someone's stream ya know what I mean?

I've been quite taken with Lulu, my oldest bjd lately. She has been sitting on the shelf way too long and deserved a bit of attention. I've had her six years next month! I still remember ordering her from Luts, trying to decide if she was the right one for me. I love her more now than I did when she first arrived, so glad I got her face up redone and she is really floppy, I should restring her and possibly wire her (something I've never done so it should be fun lol).

Kewpie fun

I think I've quenched my need for bush babies...

March madness

* I've become the lazy blogger and found a new love...Instagram. One little iPhone pic can say so much without the need for any words at all. Like I said, lazy.

* I'm very happy to say I've sold nearly everything on my big clear out list! Very, very happy XD

* I'm seriously thinking of letting go my Volks Kurumi, MSD F12 and Yo-SD Lin - if any of these interest you, let me know :o)

* I don't know where I'm going with resin dolls at the moment. I had a sudden needy feeling for a Realpuki the other day because we spent Sunday down in Harvey at Captain Stirlings cottage ( see pics below). To cut a long story short May Gibbs once lived at this cottage and she wrote and illustrated lovely books about little bush babies Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. So now I'm feeling the need for my own little Snugglepot in the form of a Realpuki Pupu.

Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 Monthly Photo Challenge ~ March ~ Secret

So this months theme was Secret (chosen by the lovely [info]dollhausfrau, thank you!)  and I was so glad to find that I still had that pointy fingered Luts hand floating around! It's the perfect "shhhhh it's a secret" hand :o) Of course Lulu's dirty little secret is that she is completely starkers except for her fabulous hat, well I guess it's really no secret now is it lol.

And the original, because I like it :o)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Garage Sale ~ Yard Sale ~ Car Boot Sale ~ Jumble Sale

Call it what you will, I'm having a purge!!

Doll Chateau Vivian ~ $250usd plus shipping. Perfect new condition, I bought her from Denver Doll. She is blank and will come wit her original eyes, box, pillow and certificate.

Val Zeitler / Haute Doll Attic Treasures Mad Hatter hat for SD10/13 ~ $30usd plus shipping. Worn once, in perfect condition

Atelier Momoni Oriental Bunny outfit for MSD & slim MSD Black & Red versions ~ $35usd each plus shipping. Consists of dress, bloomers, bunny head dress and stockings (stockings from black set missing, I will keep looking). Worn but in perfect condition. RED SOLD

Dolly*Dolly Vol 26 ~ $20usd plus shipping. I ended up with two of these. Brand new.

Lati Yellow knitted Cardigan ~ $3usd plus shipping. Never worn, perfect condition.

Blythe BHD Boots ~ $10usd plus shipping. Have been worn but are in great condition.

Cancan J Series Black SD 9inch wig ~ $10usd plus shipping. Worn several times, in good condition.

If there is anything you are interested in please send me a message or leave a comment. I am happy to accept layaway  :o)

March Photo Theme

March is here and so is a new photo theme :o)

This months theme is SECRET

Secret gardens, secrets kept (or shared) secret loves or longings...whatever secret you like.

Chosen by the uber talented dollhausfrau on live journal.

This is going to be a fun one folks, the mind tingles with possibilities :o)