Saturday, August 27, 2011

34/52 ~ Deery Me!

A little project I've had up my sleeve for a while now finally came to fruition today.

My LPS Deer/Petite Blythe hybrid was born :D Never knew you could have so much fun with a dremel lol.

No LPS was harmed in the making of this doll....well they were, but it was for a good cause lol ;D

33/52 ~ Re-Ment Scavenger Hunt

This was a pic for the Rement group on flickr for their scavenger hunt, so I thought I'd use it here as well for the photo challenge seeing as I am running a bit behind :o)

1. Box of chocolates
2. Orange coloured food item
3. Blue plate
4. Chair
5. Teenie tiny item smaller than 1/4"


I feel like the white rabbit in wonderland this week, running late and trying to catch up! Must be because I've had the girls off sick for most of the week. It's been a bad couple of weeks health wise for everyone in our family :o( Thankfully we are over the worst of it now and are on the mend.

So no time for pictures this week for the photo challenge, or was it last week? I am all mixed up and need to work out what week we are on. Sick kids has thrown my whole routine out the window!

Had some wonderful mail this week!! At the end of June I was contacted by a lovely person from the Japanese doll magazine Dolly*Dolly, they were going to be doing an article on animal bjd and wanted to use some of my Pipos photos. I was over the moon to say the least!! I didn't want to get my hopes up too much just incase they didn't use the pics but then I got an email a couple of weeks ago saying my complimentary magazine was on it's way, which could only mean one thing, they did use my pics!!

I've never seen a Dolly*Dolly mag before, it's really cool, loads of dolls in it. Just wish I could read Japanese! lol. Can anyone recommend any good English doll magazines? I used to love Hautedoll and then that folded and ended up as a section in Doll Reader. I like doll magazines, I remember when I used to scour the newsagents for the Barbie Bazaar mag many years ago. I had never even heard of bjds back then, so barbies were it for me and I never told anyone about my doll hobby let alone blog about it lol. Were talking late 90's here I guess, maybe bjds hadn't been invented back then or only just starting to be developed at Volks??? It's weird now I feel like I've come out of the closet about my dolls, like putting doll stuff on Facebook, I would never have done that a few years ago. Now I'm like, love me - love my dolls lol. It's part of who I am :o)

Speaking of Facebook, do all bad bloggers go to Facebook? lol

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

31/52 ~ Captain Peppy reporting for duty

Playing with toys again.....

But hey, who can resist a penguin with a helmet and goggles....

Not me :o)

30/52 ~ Kitty Trifecta

I had been planning this pic for a while but of course the kids were playing in the doll room and the itty bitty kitty went missing *sigh* Found it today yay!

These kitties come with the Lalaloopsy dolls :o)

Catching up...

Ok so my first child free hour in weeks and what do I do? Sit in front of the computer and post to lj and edit photos. I'm such a boring dork it's not funny!

More kitties and re-ment arrived this week. I has a fridge and it's pink!

How many plastic kitties is too many?

I have a kitty army lol. My kids love these do I ;D

As my hourglass is fast running out ( need to pick up the little one from school very soon) I am going to reel off a list all the things that make me happy right now or that I'm really looking forward too :D

True Blood season 4 - not long to go now!
Thunder storms - we've a had a few this week :D
Gardening in the rain
Hot chocolate before bed - my hubby makes the best hot chocolate ever!
Nana head by Rabiruna - You knew I would ;D
Time by myself - Doesn't happen very often, but every minute is savored when it do es :D
Wonderful friends both online and off XD
Tiny Zoo on iPad/iPhone - Boring but addictive for some strange reason lol
Owl Eyes cover of Pumped up Kicks - Heard it on the radio the other day and I love it :D

Gotta go!