Saturday, December 31, 2011

52/52 ~ Here kitty kitty...

Well here we are, week 52, the end of the road!

Didn't think I'd make it to be honest lol. It's been challenging and fun. I think I am going to do it again next year (maybe a monthly based theme) if anyone wants to join me. Also think I am going to do an Instagram weekly challenge too, so those of you with iPhone's that want to join me please do :o)

So without further ado here is my last pic for 2011.

Happy New Year fellow Bloggers xoxo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

51/52 ~ What a strange place to be thought Alice

50/52 ~ Babooshka Babooshka

One of my first true loves, Babushka, Matroyshka, Nesting dolls, Russian dolls - call them what you will. I've loved them since I was a child and would watch them on Sesame Street animations where they would pop in and out of each other and dance around.

This one is one of my favorite artist ones I have, her face is so delicate and beautiful.

49/52 ~ Miss Polly

48/52 ~ Little Angel

47/52 ~ Don't Anybody Sneeze!

Monday, December 26, 2011

46/52 ~ What Santa Brought

Look what Santa left for me under the tree this Christmas!

My very first Charlie Bears bear, Phoenix!  Isn't she just gorgeous!!! I am besotted with her and I hope to be able to add a few more Charlie Bears to my new furry family :o)

I've missed having bears, with concentrating so much on dolls I've kinda neglected my furry family. I have a few precious bears and bunnies around the house. I've really fallen in love with Charlie Bears. I saw them in a gift shop while I was out Christmas shopping and fell instantly in love. Their faces and eyes are so expressive. Phoenix reminds me very much of my dog Scruffy. Charlie Bears is an English company that has artists from around the world that design their bears and they are all handmade. Some are limited and very expensive, others like Phoenix are more moderately priced, but still not cheap. I really like the designs of Korean artist Isabelle Lee and find that all the bears I add to my wishlist are designed by her :o)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

43/52 ~ Merry Christmas

My first bokeh!!! I'm so proud :D

I need more of these Dynamite Girls...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

42/52 ~ Giddy Up!

I can imagine my little Veruca screaming at the top of her lungs "Can't this thing go any faster?!"

Monday, December 5, 2011

41/52 ~ Titch

My sweet baby boy Titch (Nappy Choo Popo) arrived last month. He is my one and only boy doll <3

Sunday, December 4, 2011

40/52 ~ Mouse

I'm not giving up without a fight! It's the end of week 48 in the photo challenge, can you believe that only four more weeks left and 2011 is poofed! So I've got ten pictures due this week to get up to date. Holy crapola! Can it be done?! We'll see...;o)

So starting with my first of the ten, here is my darling little Enyo. I've called her Mouse, she is a shy little creature that cannot speak. She sleeps in a wicca basket and refuses to wear clothes or let me tidy up her hair. I love her....

39/52 ~ My Muse

Cheating a bit this week with the photo challenge because this isn't a doll or toy, this is my darling kitty Boo. I had just finished carving my cat-o-lantern and she jumped up to sit with it =^..^=

38/52 ~ Getting ready for Halloween

I feel like a flake! I'm so behind in this photo challenge now :o( I'm annoyed with myself!

At least Veruca is organised and getting things ready for Halloween next week ;o)

37/52 ~ Look out, Miss Grumpy Bum has arrived!!!

Little Veruca arrived today! She is adorably grumpy and pouty. I now have a doll with freckles!! Yay! LOL

I really need to get her some smaller eyes, fitting eyes into her is a bit tricky due to the shape of her eye wells and it's a bit on the shallow side inside her head but we'll get it sorted.

Took some quick snaps tonight, hopefully better ones later in the week :o)

Mr Ducky looks worried, Is she going to pull my head off? he wonders...

36/52 ~ It's ok kitty you won't get made into a cupcake!

This little pic I took for the Re-Ment Addicts group on flickr, theme of the month : Food with eyes. I love that group!

35/52 ~ It's a doll thing

I'm playing catch from a few back with some of the photo challenge pics. I had posted over at lj but forget to post here too. So expect a run of posts today :o) First one here we go.... A big thanks to aussiedolls this week for letting me adopt her Peaks Woods body. My Mintie head that has been sitting in a box can finally come out and play! Chantilly, as I have called her has such a doll like quality about her. Now that I've just written that I realize how ridiculous that sounds because she is a doll for goodness sake! But some dolls look more life like than others and this one looks decidedly doll/toy like lol and maybe that is the reason I like her so much :o) So we played dress up in a frilly, dollyish outfit and found a little friend for her to play with...
Doll news update. My Secretdoll person should be shipping this Friday *yay*  I blame kittytoes and aussiedolls for leading on the trail to Doll Chateau's new baby dolls lol. I ordered a blank Vivian from Denver Doll a few days ago. I also have 5 dolls on order like someone else who shall remain nameless ;D LOL

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trying to catch up a bit....

Argh I haven't posted in quite a while. I'm way behind in the photo challenge and it doesn't look like I'll finish it this year, or maybe I will I haven't really given it much thought lately. I've been uninspired for the past couple of months with dolls. I do tend to go in phases so maybe that's just what it is (I hope). I sort of feel like I've come to the end of the line with my doll hobby, nothing knew has really come out that has really excited me and really how many dolls, clothes, wigs and shoes do you really need. I've got so many now I can't even remember who I've got and who I haven't. For a while there Re-Ment reignited my love of photography and introduced me to a whole new world of tiny dolls but now I'm bored with that too. It's an awful feeling, feeling unmotivated and uninspired it feels so lifeless and stagnant. When I look back on this year of dolls it's almost bittersweet, so wonderful being published in Dolly Dolly magazine and my photography skills have definitely improved from when I first started but in contrast now I've fallen flat on my face and can't seem to get up. It's not that I don't love dolls anymore, or that I've stopped buying them. Just in the last month I've received four new full dolls and one head. But I haven't done anything with them at all, one still has no hands and feet on as she came out of the box, they are just sitting there waiting. I did give the card thing a go and I still like it just can't be bothered doing it really. Still have some card/paper projects I'd like to do just don't know where to start. I almost feel like someone needs to give me a big hard slap and wake me up, it's odd. I think I am going to try my hardest and catch up on the photo challenge. I've come so far to just let it fall by the way side now, it would be such a shame. And I love a challenge and theres nothing like a deadline to give you that little push to get moving ;D