Thursday, July 12, 2007


How lucky am I? The stunning lady above is coming to live with me and my doll family. A big than you to Susan on DOA for contacting me. I first saw Tindra on Tuesday morning (morning ritual of checking emails, blogs, eBay and DOA, lol), I thought wow I have always wanted a sexy Lishe like that.

I PM'd Susan about some clothes she had for sale and when she got back to me Tindra had been sold. I was disappointed, I was going to message her about Tindra but I was too late. Not meant to be I thought. Anyway when I spoke to Susan about the clothes I just happened to say if the sale for Tindra should fall through let me know.

Well the next morning (my birthday) checking emails etc and there was one from Susan, to my absolute amazement the person had backed out of the sale. She was all mine if I wanted her! Did I ever!!!! Now if that isn't fate then I don't know what is.

Isn't she incredible. I have always loved the Lishe sculpt. I think she would have to be the most classically beautiful out of all the CP dolls. She seems to adapt to so many different looks. I mean, my Lishe - Angelique looks so different to Tindra and yet they are the same mold. Ohh I am so excited to get this girl :o)

I think I will keep her name as Tindra, it really suits her. I will have to ask Susan if she knows what it means, failing that I will ask Mia K as that was who originally owned Tindra. Very small world in the dolly community :o)

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