Friday, July 6, 2007


New wigs arrived today :) I love getting stuff in the mail, especially dolly stuff, lol. So my new girl has her new wigs and finally has a name.

Welcome to the world Poppy!

NAME: Poppy

NAME MEANING: From the Flower

BIRTHDAY: 3rd July



TYPE: Narin Doll Narae 43cm, Open Eye Standard Face Plate

SKIN: Pinky White

AESTHETICS: Custom Face Up by Vanillashine and body blushing, manicure, pedicure and ear piercing by Vanillashine

EYES: 14mm Masterpiece

WIG: Narin Doll Dark Hermoine

CLOTHING: Default Lingerie from Narin Doll

This girl is gonna be high maintenance I can tell, lol.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Resin Angel,
    oh my - Poppy looks like a Neoma rival - she has even redder lips than mine.
    Gorgeous girl.
    Yes the Naraes are too beautiful - I am so glad I actually have one now.