Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mystery Girl No More

It turns out my new girl has quite a past. I posted a couple of pics on DOA and she was recognised by Catrina who is the Narindoll representative over at Dollfair. She said my girl came to them in the Dollfair store in America September 2006. I guess she would have come direct from Narindoll in Korea to them in America.

An artist called Vanillashine did her face up, I have heard of her on DOA before, her work is gorgeous. Then she was taken to the Paris Doll Fair in March 2007 and that is where she was sold to Virginie and taken to Switzerland. How amazing is that. I love to know the history of things, especially my dolls. Just waiting to see if she can tell me for sure what colour resin she is and what face mold she is.

Still trying to decide on a name, normally I'm pretty quick to think of a name, usually before they even arrive. I like Nina and Katrina, Kat for short, Juliette is another favorite.

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