Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dolly Diet

What a month it has been in the dolly world, or should I say my dolly world. I have had quite a spending spree just lately and really need to pull my head in now. A self imposed "dolly diet" is well overdue I think. *sob sob* If only I could win Lotto!

Not sure if I mentioned before my growing curiosity with the Unoa dolls from Japan. When I first saw them I wasn't too fussed and couldn't understand why so many people went crazy over them. Then when I bought Poppy my Narae 43cm I started taking more notice of the smaller BJD's. I had always been a devoted super dollfie fan up until then.

Well I have joined the masses and fallen in love with the Unoa's. About a week ago I noticed a U-Noa Sist 1.5ver kit on eBay. I kept my eye on it and then also on DOA there was a Unoa Lusis kit in the marketplace for sale. I missed out on the Lusis but I won the Sist off eBay. It all happened so fast, I couldn't really believe my luck that I had won it. I certainly didn't expect to win and was prepared for the disappointment if I didn't. How's that for fate.

So in order to fund this new girl I am selling Tatiana, my Dark Elf Soo Vampire. I'm sad to let her go but not heartbroken. I really haven't done anything with her since she arrived in January. In a way she was really a substitute for a Vampire Lishe that I so desperately wanted but couldn't get and she really didn't cut the mustard. That sounds harsh I know, she is a beautiful doll, but just wasn't what my heart truly desired. So hopefully she will find a new home where she will be truly loved.

I am also going to have a clear out of all my dolly things and have a little sale on DOA or eBay. Down the track I will sell my Dark Elf Soo to fund Unoa Lusis, hopefully there will be some available through eBay or YJ as all the people will be getting their dolls from the Unoa pre-order that only just ended a week or so ago. Totally kicking myself for missing the pre-order, I could have ordered a Sist and a Lusis for just a bit more than what I paid fro my Sist alone off eBay. I was talking to one girl on DOA and she has waited two years to order her Lusis through the pre-order. Two years!!! I could never wait that long for something. My impulsiveness does cost me money and I wish I could be that patient. But who knows what I might be doing in two years time or what I'm into then. If I want something I want it now! I know, just call me Verruca Salt, lol.

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