Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A tale of four Tobi's

Kaye Wiggs Tobi is the sculpt that is pulling at my heart and purse strings at the moment. But which resin colour to order. If I won lotto I would have all four because they are all simply delicious in their own right. 
Now I've just got wind that there will be a handful of fair and sun kissed Tobi's at Jpop dolls at the end of the week, left overs from the pre order. I do love the fair skin because of the freckles, sun kissed is also gorgeous but I've ordered a sun kissed Miki and I need to be disciplined about how many of these dolls I collect, so the plan is not to have more than one of the same skin colour or sculpt. But damn look how gorgeous these dolls are! 
I adore the grey skin but she has just had a preorder with sun kissed Miki and I ordered Miki and of course now I want Tobi too! Hopefully there will be some leftover grey Tobi's when the dolls are all shipped out (August/September). I also love how dark wigs and brightly coloured wigs go so well with the grey skin and the face up on the grey skin looks pretty. 
The dark skin one is devine, I think she is coming up for preorder later in the year. Well I thought writing it all out might help me make sense of it all but it hasn't I still want all of them!!!!! LOL


  1. It's always tough when they start releasing your favorite doll in multiple skin tones... I admit to falling victim to this trap -_- I have a WS and NS Alna and if they ever make a tan, I'm doomed!

    1. Haha I'm glad someone else thinks the same way I do! I think I'm going to hold out for the grey, just have to be patient and hope like anything that I can snag one of the extra ones in a few months time other wise I better start saving my pennies to find one on the secondary market.