Sunday, May 29, 2011


* I've always been intrigued by Dollstown dolls, I even had one briefly, a Lucille. Ive fallen in love with them again recently. I really need some DT girls in my doll family. I'm thinking Seola, Lucille and Elysia for starters but there are others too that I love but I'll have to get that money tree growing in the back yard first. They are doing a preorder in June at DT, I'm really hoping my volks Charlotte will sell before then and I can get one DT girl. Anyone want a volks Charlotte by any chance? I'm happy to split her if need be, so if you want a Charlotte head or are in need of a sd10 body let me know :)

* Just found out that the second preorder for little Enyo will begin next week! I really hope to be able to get one. Too many lovely dolls around lately!! Seriously there are so many new dolls and new companies it's mind boggling!

* I keep hoping I'll find another hobby whether it's a different doll or some type of collectible that will draw me in the way bjds do. But so far nothing, the only reason for wanting something different is the expense. Bjd's are just so expensive.

* Poor old Boo is not well again. We were at the vets again last Monday and looks like we will be there again tomorrow for blood tests as she is vomiting again so the antibiotic injection she was given last week is obviously not working.

* I did have more to say but it seems to have left me. Some people seem to be having a negative effect on me lately and it's not good and it's really frustrating, annoying and sad and I don't know what to do about it :o( and it's not just one person it's a few, maybe it's me!? I'm not in a good place today :o( *cries*


  1. I keep hoping that something else will suck me in, too! But ball-jointed dolls are just the best, there's no getting around it. :) I like Dollstown's grumpy elf girl Io, but it doesn't seem like many people have her. I can't begin to figure out their ordering method, so I kind of avoid even looking at the website.

    I'm sorry about Boo! Feel better, Boo!

    And I'm sorry you're out-of-sorts, I know that feeling all too well. Hugs to you!

  2. You're right ball-jointed dolls are the best, there's just no two ways about it :D

    I love the IO human! She is gorgeous, I wonder why we don't see any around??

    Boo was back at the vets again today, the vet said it might be a food allergy (she is only vomiting dry food) so we are trying her on wet food only to see if that helps. But at least she is not sick again like I thought.

  3. Awww, I am sorry to hear about your sweet Boo. I hope things get better.
    - Michele
    See Dolly Run

  4. Thanks Michele :o) I'm hoping just giving Boo the wet food helps, trouble is she does prefer the dry biscuits but I guess if she gets hungry enough she will eat it *crosses fingers* :o)


  5. I want to buy Charlotte, been looking everywhere for one!!!