Thursday, May 19, 2011

20/52 ~ Albino Baby

Week 20 already!! Can you believe it, we're screaming towards the middle of the year like there is no tomorrow *gulp*

Still in Modigli heaven :o) Popped in some silly pink eyes and played around with wigs. This wig is sold by Neo Angel Region as one of the 7/8"  wigs that fit's Modigli's large melon head and it is so small it hardly fits at all. I managed to keep it on with one of those silicone head caps and the black ribbon. I do love it though, the colour suits her perfectly. I might have to order the longer one as well, it's so soft and natural looking.

So on with the pics, I got playing with Picnic on Flickr :o) This was the cross process effect, I think it has quite an eerie look, either that or the pink eyes are weirding me out O_o LOL

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