Saturday, May 14, 2011


* I feel like I haven't posted about much lately, i feel like I haven't much to post about to be honest besides the photo a week thing. Time to get back to rambling posts about dolls and hobby stuff. Ever since my computer died and then the laptop had that bloody exe virus I feel like it's set me back. I had all these great plans and it caught me off guard. Poo!

* I'm at swimming lessons at the mo with the kids. It's amazing how many of the parents sit playing with their phones lol. What ever did we do without smart phones??? I'm totally addicted to Tiny Wings on the iPhone, you must try it! It's super cute, fun, soothing and extremely addictive!!

* Window shopping on Etsy is a dangerous thing lol. I found these funny tarot cards on another website that I'm tempted to get.

Love, love, love this little pill box especially the catch phrase "better living through chemistry". Gawd i could do with some of that lately, something to wake me up in the morning and knock me out at night! It reminded me of [info]caerbannog 's "I wanna be sedated" pill box that I thought was uber cool and hysterically funny ( and still do :D).

Also love this paper doll book, I bet it's amazing inside. I used to love paper dolls as a kid.

* On a silly note have a look at this cat. It cracks me up no end. There are a lot of weird Victorian cat pictures on the net, it must have been quite fashionable to dress up your pets and get their portraits done ( if you had the money of course). Maybe that's why Beatrix Potter was so successful or maybe she started the trend?? Who knows but it's cute. I want to get a bonnet for my Pipos kitties now :D

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  1. Great finds, I've always loved these retro illustrations in this style!