Saturday, May 14, 2011

18/52 ~ My Sweetness

Catching up from last weeks photo challenge, so I'll be posting two photos this week.

My little Tilly Plum came back from the wonderful sdink  last week. She has had a total makeover and I couldn't be happier with her. Her lips look even more pouty and luscious now <3

Isn't she so adorable! I'm having so much fun with this little one. I think not only is it because she is so lovely but also because there is only one of her, she get's all the attention lavished on her. Maybe this is a good lesson for me, having more is not always a good thing. It is nice to just focus on one thing and have fun in the process.

I've ordered her some more clothes and wigs from Soom but they are really, really slow. I also had a little splurge on the weekend and ordered that Sweet Passion dress from Dollheart and some little yo-sd sized spat boots for my spoilt Tilly.

S'all for now!