Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Ah today is Sunday and it feels very lazy and slow. After tidying up a bit and catching up on some washing I hope to be able to get some more copic coloring done.

I really need to do a bit of gardening out the front too.

I started a layaway with Soom the other day for an iMda Agatha and a little Nappy Choo Popo. It's a 90 day layaway so it gives me plenty of time to pay them off. Agatha will be my Modigli's big sister. Just need to think of a name for her (love that bit).

I'm really enjoying Blogger, I wonder is there anyway to make your posts private so only your followers can read your entries?? Do you know? There are things I want to be able to say without the whole world reading them. Sometimes I feel gagged on livejournal and I can't really say what I want. I did think of starting a new private blog but interaction with people is really important to me and it would get way too depressing if I was totally alone lol. I wonder how many of you even read this blog anyway.


  1. I read your blog! :) I think the only way to limit who reads your posts on blogger is to make them password protected and then only give the password to the people who you want to read those posts. On Livejournal, you can make filters, too, so that the posts only show up for the people you've added to the filter.

    I've had a lazy Saturday here in the northern hemisphere, which is not good because I have so many things I need to do!

    I want to put a doll on layaway, too! Or two. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm glad someone reads it lol. It's nice to know I'm not totally alone in the big wide cyber world ;o)
    I've got a few filters setup on lj, wish they had that sort of thing on blogger.