Thursday, June 16, 2011

24/52 ~ Mabel

Here she is my beautiful, yet controversial Leekeworld Mikhaila.

I love her and I love Dust of Dolls Puns too. If I ever have the chance in the future I would buy a Puns as well. I almost felt too scared to post photos of Mabel, but damn, I love her and I'm glad I bought her.


  1. What is the controversy? I must have missed it, but I havent been paying too much attention to the BJD world as of late. :(

    She's gorgeous, tho!

    - Michele

  2. Thanks Amelia!!

    Michele another company called Dust of Dolls claimed that Leekeworld had copied their doll called Puns when the made Mikhaila. There was a huge hoohaa about it on DoA (see link above). I love both dolls, I felt bad for Dust of Doll because they are a very small company, only two girls and Leeke is such a big company. I would love to have a Puns one day :D