Monday, March 7, 2011

Tempting Charlotte

I am trying to resist the pull of the new Charlotte that Pipos is going to release very soon. The face ups are exquisite, so feminine and beautiful. Trouble is I've never been into Charlotte before, I mean is she a cat, or a demon? I'm not entirely sure?? Best I can work out she is a human/cat because she has a cattish face and a human body, I guess a bit like Elfdoll's Catsy.

The above pic is of their Gift Charlotte. Two lucky people who order a Charlotte (or Derek he is the other sculpt being released) and pay straight away have the chance to win this divine creature!! I think she is delicious, I love everything about her. What are the odds I wonder, do I have a chance? Should I or shouldn't I???

Then just to add to the temptation they go and release a limited outfit too!! Arghhhhhhhhh!!!! They are trying to kill me I swear!!!


  1. Lol... I remember that feeling... for the Pipos Dark Alice. And I agree, the Charlottes (both of them) are very beautiful!

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  3. I actually really love her! I have never seen anything like her before.