Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cat Tales

We've been having trouble with one of our cats, Boo (see icon) vomiting. It started about six weeks ago. It seemed to coincide with a night that Boo spent outside (most unusual for her) and was chased and terrified by next doors dog. I found her hiding in a drain the next afternoon after worrying myself to tears that she had been mauled by the dog or chased away and was lost. So I was thinking maybe the vomiting was from stress.

It went on for about a week and I decided to take her to the vet. The vet thought maybe it was hairballs, gave me Catlax and sent us on our way. We've had Boo since she was four weeks old (she is now seven years old) and I've never seen her chuck up a hair ball so I was a bit worried it was more than just that.

A couple more weeks went past it looked like the vomiting was easing up and then it started again. Back to the vet we go this time full x-rays, blood works. All the results came back fine, so that was a relief but still a concern because we still don't know what is wrong.

Took a urine sample to the vet yesterday (and that was a job and a half getting that from Boo let me tell you) and it turns out she has a very nasty urinary tract infection. Nearly $900 worth of vet bills to tell us she has a uti lol.

So now she is on antibiotics, I am having such a hard time getting them into her. Cats are so smart they definitely know when you have been tinkering with their food. Not like dogs that just gulp down a piece of steak oblivious to the fact there is a tablet in the middle of it. Does anyone have any secret tips for getting cats to take tablets? I'd love to know!!


  1. LORD vets are money suckers aren't they!! for a profession that is meant to be all about loving animals. I wish your cat speedy recovery!

    Did you see my second F07 Elphina!

  2. Sam, your poor kitty! We have to give our cat a tablet every night (for kidney failure) and the only way to do it is prise her mouth open and pop the pill in! She was terrible to begin with, but is fine with it now! Good luck & hope she is fit & healthy again soon :)
    - Sim.

  3. Just went through the same thing with my puddy, only she has IBS and has started on Prednisone. Vet wanted $1,500 to do a bowel biopsy on a 13 year-old cat. I must admit, I didn't want to spend the money but also I didn't want my cat put out at her age. So I told him to take an educated guess and we would treat her for that. Am going to have to sign a waiver saying that she has not had a definitive diagnosis which I think is ridiculous as a biopsy had only a slim chance of diagnosing her anyways. My cat is sooo much better.