Wednesday, March 30, 2011

13/52 ~ Matilda

iMda Modigli arrived this week. She is my grumpy, tantrum throwing three year old. Oh wait, don't I already have a real life one of those...oh yeah ;o)

Full colour version here :o)

I ummed and arghed over iMda's Modigli for too long and then she sold out :o( I was heartbroken, she was after all limited to just 50 worldwide. I put up a WTB thread on DoA a little while agao and then out of the blue last week someone pm'd me to say they had a Modigli they wanted to sell. I nearly fell off my chair! Less than a week later she is home here with me :D In a way I feel like she is my first sort of art doll. She is quite unusual, her head is msd size and her body more yo-sd size. Naked she looks a bit like a little alien, but it works and I adore her round hips and stumpy legs XD


  1. Your blog is incredible by the way! I had no idea, but an idiot I am. do you make the tutus to sell?

  2. Awww thanks Jayne :D That little tutu dress came with Modigli from her previous owner, isn't it sweet :D

  3. Congrats on your new girl, she looks adorable! ^o^

  4. That's wonderful you got to buy her. I think she is really cute. :D ANd I love the picture - the black and white with the colored toy in her hand is awesome. She is oddly sized - but sometimes those too large heads are the most endearing! :D