Tuesday, March 22, 2011


* Boo is doing much better. Took another urine sample to the vet yesterday and they said the antibiotics are working and her condition has improved but she still needs more antibiotics. The vet suggested a long acting antibiotic injection. My first thought was why the heck couldn't you have used that the first time around. I really like this vet practice but I can't help but feel they have gone the long way around to solving the problem and I wonder if it's just a way of making extra money. So off to the vet this morning and Boo had her injection and hopefully this will be the end of it. $1000 later and I am looking into pet insurance.

* I did order Pipos O.Charlotte. You knew I would ;o)

* We had our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday. Hubby bought me a Navman for the car because we always argue when I have to read the map book. I thought that was hilarious lol.

* The Super Moon the other night was awesome! I should have taken photos. I heard something on the news about how it is believed there is a link to that moon and natural disaters. Is it true? They do say the end of the world will take place next year, 2012, it better not happen before my 40th birthday because I wanna have a party damn it lol.

* I have a wish list a mile long. It goes a little something like this...

From top left to right: Volks SDGr Alice or Lorina, Blaine from Glee (be still my beating heart), iPad 2, hair like this, Nintendo 3DS, Glee Season 2 dvds, Animal Crossing for 3DS and Sims Medieval.

* First off, omg Volks SDGr Alice!! How gorgeous and I bet how expensive she will be when they start selling her on YJ. I can dream though. really intrigued to see what her SDGr body looks like though. Maybe I should set my sights on Lorina, she might be a little cheaper being normal skin.

* OMG Blaine <3

* iPad2 I need you!

* I am bored with dark brown hair, I miss my bright red streaks. I want something bright all over like that pic and the cut is darling too.

* Can't wait to see the Nintendo 3DS, might have to wait until it comes down in price a bit before I buy.

* Glee season 2 out tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

* Animal Crossing for 3DS!!! This is the only reason I would buy a 3DS!!!

* I only just found out about Sims Medieval the other day!!! I cannot wait to get this, it looks like it combines the sims with a bit of RPG style skill points = perfection!! I am still playing Dragon Quest btw, I think this game could go on until the end of the earth next year!!!


  1. I'm really enchanted with Volks SDGr Alice or Lorina....but I know if I somehow tried to get my hands on either one of them, it would hurt my wallet really bad :(
    It's fun to dream though, right? :)

  2. Sometimes I do think vets try to make more money by going the long route with things. I hope your pet is doing much better now.

    Yay - you got Charlotte!

    Happy belated anniversary!

    I bet the moon does have something to do with the natural disasters. Since the moon controls all the tides I bet it might have something to do with all this. I hope the end of the world isn't next year - we'd miss out on the new Pipos releases!

    If you think your wish list is long, you ought to see mine! :P