Sunday, September 9, 2007


Seeing as I am going to be out of action in a couple of weeks time due to a new arrival I decided to do a bit of shopping now.

Firstly, I very unexpectedly bought another Luts mature body for either my Juri or Soo head (just depends on which resin matches the best). She was on sale on the Angels Australis website. At a really good price and in Australia too which meant postage would be much cheaper than if buying from overseas. I had always wanted to get another body for my little Soo and especially after having a play with her last week. I never think of a doll as finished or complete until they have their own body. You can't really call just a head a doll and I hate swapping bodies around all the time and having extra heads in the cupboard. So that is purchase number 1.

Then I was browsing through the DOA marketplace (a very dangerous pastime I might add) last night and I found this gorgeous Luts outfit for sale.

It was one that I wanted to purchase ages ago but then Luts took it off their website. I think it will look gorgeous on Angelique or Lulu and I already have the cute boots like in the picture so it will look beautiful. So that was purchase number 2.

I have been trying to find the right outfit for Freya ever since I bought her early last year. I have bought probably four little ensembles for her so far and none of them have looked right. I always loved this outfit on Lyssa's Soo, Miss Lily Pearl:

It's made by Vitta Vera. So I emailed Akiko at Vitta Vera last night to see if she could make another one like it and she replied today and yes, she could make another one. So that is purchase number 3. Even if it doesn't suit Freya I'm sure one of my other girls will wear it and it has always been a favorite of mine. I just love the baby pink and black together.

Well it wouldn't look complete without that cute little pink ringlet wig so that is purchase number 4. It's not exactly the same wig unfortunately because they don't make that one in pink anymore, damn shame too. So this is the one I will be getting:

The ringlets aren't quite as tight, but it's still super cute! I also bought some other wigs from Cancan at the same time. The black one will go with the new Luts outfit and the two brownish ones are for the Unoa sisters.

To complete the outfit we need shoes of course and I found these in the DOA marketplace a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with them but thought no, I don't have anything they will go with. Different story now :o) So they are purchase number 5.

So as you can see I have had a dollightful time shopping. I think a dolly diet is really overdue now, but we all know how hopeless I am with diets ;o)

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