Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's been that long?

Wow I haven't been here in like forever! 

Time flies when you're having fun I guess lol. 

Current new love is my Kaye Wiggs Blue Koneko. 

Absolutely smitten with this doll. My first ever Kaye Wiggs doll. I was surprised at how big she is is, I expected MSD size and she is more like SD size, a smidge smaller and slimmer. Her resin is almost wax like, translucent, so lovely and smooth and her face up is to die for. Love love love! Yep I'm a happy camper :o)

Minifee Celine, who I'd had on layby arrived and promptly left this week. I should have known me and a Minifee wouldn't work. She was lovely, just not for me. Anyway she went to a new home pretty much as soon as I uploaded her pic to Flickr so that worked out nicely. Just need to sell my Volks Yo Linn now. 


  1. She's a gorgeous doll! I love her too.

  2. The resin is beautiful isn't it? I am glad you are so happy with her, such a lovely little face :o)