Monday, August 27, 2012

Mosaic Monday

Thought I would kick off my first Mosaic Monday with a few Flickr faves :o) 

1. Newspaper Hat Lady, 2. The Pixeleye Kool Lifestyle Calendar 2013, 3. Commission: Innocence, 4. Forget the day's troubles....., 5. Playing yoki :), 6. my newest manny, 7. peek at the new studio, 8. new ikea lights, 9. Sheltering from the rain...., 10. CD Ombre, 11. Honeybees bento, 12. It´s radishes picking time, 13. cat's eyes, 14. IMG_5231, 15. I Sea Me, 16. Tantrum, 17. Lolita's restyled wig. Check out new shoes on the blog too., 18. Gervásio <3, 19. Which one is your favorite?, 20. IMG_5182, 21. IMG_4514a, 22. Sweet Song dress - couture for Blythe by KarolinFelix, 23. Valentines Day Hearts - every stitch handmade.., 24. Bearded Lady - part of illustration, 25. disney designer villains releases, 26. Berries and tarts., 27. Pon de Lion, 28. Sluuuuuurp, 29. Zzzz...., 30. Chantal ♥, 31. 10 things about Rhea [volks four sisters], 32. Killer Style, 33. FEILENE "the fairy" by Dream High Studio, 34. Princess Flesh, 35. IMG_7612, 36. In the secret garden

Flickr for me is like a pond, and all the pictures are like lily pads and I'm a frog (ok this is a weird analogy lol) and I jump from lily pad to lily pad and then my favorites are my beautiful lotus flowers <3 

My next mosaic was to give me a bit of inspiration to finish sorting out the doll room (which I'm happy to say is nearly finished). I love seeing pretty, organized rooms. I wish my whole house could look like this, yeah right that's never gonna happen lol. 

1. art room, 2. My craft room, 3. Untitled, 4. Craftroom corner, 5. The Big Shelf, 6. Craft room / study / guest room, 7. Dolly desk, 8. Sewing Room makeover, 9. New studio setup, 10. Spontan Magnetic Boards above the sewing table, 11. my studio in France, 12. Craft room, 13. Untitled, 14. P1090946, 15. Boxwood Cottage Studio July 2012, 16. Grand View of craft room :D, 17. Inspiration board, 18. recent shop photos, 19. My studio, 20. Peek at the new studio, 21. Pretty storage areas..., 22. shelf upcycle, 23. My craft room, 24. craft room, 25. craft room2

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