Sunday, December 4, 2011

40/52 ~ Mouse

I'm not giving up without a fight! It's the end of week 48 in the photo challenge, can you believe that only four more weeks left and 2011 is poofed! So I've got ten pictures due this week to get up to date. Holy crapola! Can it be done?! We'll see...;o)

So starting with my first of the ten, here is my darling little Enyo. I've called her Mouse, she is a shy little creature that cannot speak. She sleeps in a wicca basket and refuses to wear clothes or let me tidy up her hair. I love her....


  1. she is absolutely gorgeous. <3

  2. Thanks so much <3 Hey and thanks for not giving up on me, I haven't updated in quite sometime, I am hoping to really get back into my blogging again now that the kids have nearly finished school for the Christmas holidays and hopefully I will have a bit more free time:o)