Sunday, December 4, 2011

35/52 ~ It's a doll thing

I'm playing catch from a few back with some of the photo challenge pics. I had posted over at lj but forget to post here too. So expect a run of posts today :o) First one here we go.... A big thanks to aussiedolls this week for letting me adopt her Peaks Woods body. My Mintie head that has been sitting in a box can finally come out and play! Chantilly, as I have called her has such a doll like quality about her. Now that I've just written that I realize how ridiculous that sounds because she is a doll for goodness sake! But some dolls look more life like than others and this one looks decidedly doll/toy like lol and maybe that is the reason I like her so much :o) So we played dress up in a frilly, dollyish outfit and found a little friend for her to play with...
Doll news update. My Secretdoll person should be shipping this Friday *yay*  I blame kittytoes and aussiedolls for leading on the trail to Doll Chateau's new baby dolls lol. I ordered a blank Vivian from Denver Doll a few days ago. I also have 5 dolls on order like someone else who shall remain nameless ;D LOL


  1. I love the Mintie Sculpt too :o)

  2. Hi Yve! Thanks for stopping by :o) Yes Mintie is quite under rated I think, she has such a sweet face.