Friday, July 15, 2011

Sort out

I've been having a bit of a sort out lately....

Rement comes in these cute little cardboard boxes, but they take up too much room and you can't see what's inside. So I'm putting it all into these plastic storage containers. At the moment I'm organizing it into their original sets, I'm not sure if this is the way to go or maybe I should organize by what type of thing it is, ie food, appliances, cups, bowls etc. Anal I know, oh well for now it can stay like it is.

Doesn't tiny food just make you go squeeeeee! XD

I bought a dress and a pair of shoes ready for my little Enyo when she arrives later in the year. I wish it was now!! I'm so impatient lol. Haven't found the right wig yet. I'm really in love with little dolls lately.

I'm pretty sure I'm safe from iMda's latest release, Babette. If I didn't already have Modigli I would be all over her for sure. So that is a relief lol. I ordered a dress for Modigli from Neo Angelregion at the beginning of May and I'm still waiting!! I think they must be flat out at the moment with orders. I'm not entirely sure how the whole Soom / Neo Angelregion set up works whether they are one and the same or if they have different divisions within the one building or what. But I'm guessing that they are like most companies that have a back log of orders and release new dolls without finishing off past orders etc. Annoying, but you get used to it in this hobby I guess.


  1. Ahh I'm so jealous of all your Re-Ment! Soo cute! The way you organized them is brilliant, the boxes indeed do take up so much space. I need to get some of those containers myself >< Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you! I still have more to sort out but I'm getting there slowly. I just have to remember to put things back into their correct spot when I'm finished with them lol.