Friday, July 15, 2011


OMG I haven't been this excited about a Barbie in a long time! All I can say is Tokidoki FTW!

Isn't she gorgeous! The attention to detail is amazing, look at the leopard print leggings, the leopard print is actually little Tokidoki style faces! Love absolutely everything about this doll. She is due in October. I'm even thinking of buying two, one to take out and play with and one to keep in the box, coz you know if the doll looks this good the box will be a work of at art too XD

Eeeep so excited :D


  1. Ooo yes she is nice and that little creature is cute!

    I really like the new museum inspired Barbies they're bringing out too.

  2. Oh yes those museum barbies are amazing!

  3. Ooohh, are those tattoos? I used to love Barbie, I wish she'd been around 20 years ago!

  4. Ok. I just got gooey over a Barbie. This can't be right! Tokidoki are awesome <3